Yet another big reveal!

17 Sep 2014 Leave a comment

And this one came as a bit of a surprise to me as well! Frankly, I’m too tired to look over my previous posts to see if I’d ever fleshed out the business idea I’ve been forming. Heck, I don’t even recall if I mentioned it!

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What I couldn’t reveal until today!

31 Aug 2014 3 comments

This past Friday, I promised a “big reveal” of the specifics of what has been taking up so much of my thoughts for the immediate past – and caused me to spend so much time at the computer. This is it! …

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Sorry for the silence! Time to tell you what’s up with me – and there’s breaking news!

29 Aug 2014 8 comments

Where to begin?

OK. Bicycling. My cycling peaked in early July and has fallen off precipitously since then. At first, it was an intentional few days rest which I kept extending. Then my attention became focused on Tiny House issues – both one for me AND a place where I’ll live once I have one. Not a specific place, but I discovered others who are, to some degree or another, pursuing the dream of an intentional community of tiny house residents (and most likely owners). And this has, frankly, diverted me from regular cycling for exercise. Read more…

Some thoughts on mainstream media coverage of today’s earthquake in California

24 Aug 2014 Leave a comment

Crap! Now writing this a second time – I accidently hit the “back arrow” button on my keyboard before I saved the draft!

First off – I’m OK. So is my home. As is my family – they’re farther from the epicenter that I am.

The quake woke me. I rode it out in bed, which was shaking gently, while being alert to jump to a door frame if it got any heavier. It lasted 20-25 seconds and would have actually been pleasant had I not felt certain that it meant likely far more severe effects for others.

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A response to Digby – actually to David Atkins

05 Jun 2014 1 comment

To the regular readers of this blog: I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging here. Since last October or November, I’ve been a bit obsessed with – finally – getting into shape through bicycling. So much so that I started another, bike specific blog, which you can see here. I’ve now (knock on wood) acquired the habit of exercise, so I’m no longer as obsessed, and will start turning my attention to other things, including this blog.

I write today because, in Tuesday’s election, I cast my vote in statewide elections for third parties – Green across the board except for the Governor’s race, where I couldn’t resist voting for Cindy Sheehan. And just now, I read this blog post of David Atkins on Digby’s Hullabaloo blog: It’s time to repeal the top-two primary in CaliforniaPlease read it now, as the rest of this post is my reply. Read more…

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Please help me and/or the climate.

12 Mar 2014 Leave a comment


In a nutshell, the subject says it all: Please help me and/or the climate.

How? Donate in support of my riding in the California Climate Ride 2014

Why? Well, that’s a slightly more complex question, and it relates to my use of “and/or” in the subject!

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More detail on the community/business I’m brainstorming

01 Feb 2014 Leave a comment


Yesterday I included some ideas I’ve been thinking about regarding the community I’d like to create. Today I started to compose an email replying to a couple of questions that a family member asked in response to yesterday’s post. But it morphed into quite a bit MORE detail.

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