September 14, 2021 California Recall – My Thoughts

27 Aug 2021 2 comments

How I voted – and why. Followed by better reasons to vote as I did! If you’re in California – and you haven’t yet voted – please read and consider. If you’re in California and HAVE voted – or are outside of California, then still – please read – then pass on to people you know IN California who you think should see this!

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Announcing my Tiny Home Village – Kinda, Sorta!

29 May 2020 Leave a comment

Well, it’s a Tiny Home Village in my mind, but will start life differently. Details in a bit! This is a convergence of a number of factors in my life.

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How to pay for all mail elections – nationwide! PS: And get a monkey off the back of the Post Office!

21 Mar 2020 1 comment

With 4 states now under statewide Shelter in Place orders to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (aka Covid-19), and more cities/counties already sheltering, and the near certainty of more places soon to be under such orders. And with many states delaying their 2020 Primary elections, many election integrity experts (and many amateurs as well – like myself), are rethinking their objections to elections administered via mail in ballots.

This morning, while reading an overview of what states are considering – including the states that are shying away from mail in elections on the basis of cost, I had a Eureka! moment. Read on for …

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I’ve got a new website!

15 Mar 2020 Leave a comment

It’s essentially a Coronavirus reading list. And, not coincidentally, that’s it’s domain name:

My one request to readers of this blog: If you share the site, do NOT share who I am! Just say “I found this – I think you’ll like it” or something like that. Why? I’m trying to remain anonymous to anyone who stumbles on the site, or who hears about it from someone who DOES know who I am. The reason for the anonymity is on the “Contact” page.

And while I’m going to leave comments on for this post, I’d prefer you use the suggestions/comments/criticism options on the new site.

Hope you find it helpful!

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Whatever happened to the securities transfer tax proposals?

27 Jun 2019 Leave a comment

Sometime in the last 2-5 years, I remember public discussions of implementing a transfer tax on all securities transactions, but as I think back over the last two nights of Democratic debate, I realize that none of the 20 candidates said anything about it. This saddens me – enough to motivate me to sit down and blog about it, breaking six months of silence on this blog. Read on for more …

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Precinct Report – 11.6.2018 General Election

06 Nov 2018 Leave a comment

As has become my custom, I’m blogging my voting experience.

Today was the first election in, what, 6 years perhaps?, that I’ve had to work on election day. So I didn’t arrive to the polls until about 1515 local time. In the middle of the afternoon, there were at least 10 people in the process of voting – more than I think I’ve EVER seen in this precinct – but that’s not necessarily a sign of high turnout. In the past, I’ve generally voted during very slow periods – and never can I recall voting at this time in the afternoon.

I want to refer to my precinct blog post from the June Primary. It has a LOT of detail about the structural problems and procedural problems I saw. Rather than detail them, I’m going to simply say what was different this time:

  • In June, voters were being directed towards the ballot marking device – and had to ask for a paper ballot. Today it was reversed – thankfully! You were given a paper ballot to hand mark, and only if you asked were you ALLOWED to use the ballot marking device. This is a good thing as the “ballots” printed by the marking device included a 2d bar code which is what the scanner actually uses – with no way to confirm that the bar code represented the same votes that were printed in English for “voter review”.
  • In June, there was only 1 carrel provided for hand marking paper ballots, with space for only 4 voters at a time. Today there were 4 carrels – and a few open tables that people were allowed (but not encouraged) to use.
  • In June, the ballots were physically HUGE – at least 11 x 17. And this was a problem because they were too big for the writing surfaces in the carrels! Today, the ballots were printed on 8-1/2 x 11 paper. Yes, we had to juggle a 6 page – printed on both sides – ballot, but at least we could place the ballots entirely on the writing surface!

I didn’t take time to sit back and observe things more generally – I didn’t HAVE time to do that! So that concludes my report.

Except for this: Once again, I #BikedTheVote! See the picture below – it includes my new e-bike named “Wednesday” and has replaced the Breezer Uptown named “Saturday” that is pictured in my primary post (linked above):

BikeTheVote 11-6-2018

Finally, if you’re reading this before the polls close – get out there and vote!

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! In my life, that is.

20 Oct 2018 3 comments

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. And there have been several recent changes in my life that it’s time to let Y’all know about. They are in many ways intertwined, so I find that I have more than my usual need to include Too Much Information (TMI), so please bear with me! Here goes …

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Report on my California Primary voting experience today.

05 Jun 2018 2 comments

Nothing horrible (this time!), just a description of my lovely travel to/from the polls, followed by a bit of detail, which includes minor criticisms. Read on for more …

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Creeping ever onward towards a King

26 Apr 2018 Leave a comment

Arguing in front of the Supreme Court yesterday in the travel ban cases, the Solicitor General stated (emphasis not in original):

This proclamation is about what it says it’s about: foreign policy and national security

And … none of the SCOTUS justices questioned the Solicitor General’s word choice!

Read on for why I find this extremely troubling …

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A reluctant ask for charity donations.

01 Jun 2017 Leave a comment

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’ve been totally sucky about blogging recently. And I won’t promise more frequent posts as my days are currently fairly full Read more…

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