Whatever happened to the securities transfer tax proposals?

27 Jun 2019 Leave a comment

Sometime in the last 2-5 years, I remember public discussions of implementing a transfer tax on all securities transactions, but as I think back over the last two nights of Democratic debate, I realize that none of the 20 candidates said anything about it. This saddens me – enough to motivate me to sit down and blog about it, breaking six months of silence on this blog. Read on for more …

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Precinct Report – 11.6.2018 General Election

06 Nov 2018 Leave a comment

As has become my custom, I’m blogging my voting experience.

Today was the first election in, what, 6 years perhaps?, that I’ve had to work on election day. So I didn’t arrive to the polls until about 1515 local time. In the middle of the afternoon, there were at least 10 people in the process of voting – more than I think I’ve EVER seen in this precinct – but that’s not necessarily a sign of high turnout. In the past, I’ve generally voted during very slow periods – and never can I recall voting at this time in the afternoon.

I want to refer to my precinct blog post from the June Primary. It has a LOT of detail about the structural problems and procedural problems I saw. Rather than detail them, I’m going to simply say what was different this time:

  • In June, voters were being directed towards the ballot marking device – and had to ask for a paper ballot. Today it was reversed – thankfully! You were given a paper ballot to hand mark, and only if you asked were you ALLOWED to use the ballot marking device. This is a good thing as the “ballots” printed by the marking device included a 2d bar code which is what the scanner actually uses – with no way to confirm that the bar code represented the same votes that were printed in English for “voter review”.
  • In June, there was only 1 carrel provided for hand marking paper ballots, with space for only 4 voters at a time. Today there were 4 carrels – and a few open tables that people were allowed (but not encouraged) to use.
  • In June, the ballots were physically HUGE – at least 11 x 17. And this was a problem because they were too big for the writing surfaces in the carrels! Today, the ballots were printed on 8-1/2 x 11 paper. Yes, we had to juggle a 6 page – printed on both sides – ballot, but at least we could place the ballots entirely on the writing surface!

I didn’t take time to sit back and observe things more generally – I didn’t HAVE time to do that! So that concludes my report.

Except for this: Once again, I #BikedTheVote! See the picture below – it includes my new e-bike named “Wednesday” and has replaced the Breezer Uptown named “Saturday” that is pictured in my primary post (linked above):

BikeTheVote 11-6-2018

Finally, if you’re reading this before the polls close – get out there and vote!

Comments, as always, are welcome.


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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! In my life, that is.

20 Oct 2018 3 comments

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. And there have been several recent changes in my life that it’s time to let Y’all know about. They are in many ways intertwined, so I find that I have more than my usual need to include Too Much Information (TMI), so please bear with me! Here goes …

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Report on my California Primary voting experience today.

05 Jun 2018 2 comments

Nothing horrible (this time!), just a description of my lovely travel to/from the polls, followed by a bit of detail, which includes minor criticisms. Read on for more …

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Creeping ever onward towards a King

26 Apr 2018 Leave a comment

Arguing in front of the Supreme Court yesterday in the travel ban cases, the Solicitor General stated (emphasis not in original):

This proclamation is about what it says it’s about: foreign policy and national security

And … none of the SCOTUS justices questioned the Solicitor General’s word choice!

Read on for why I find this extremely troubling …

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A reluctant ask for charity donations.

01 Jun 2017 Leave a comment

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’ve been totally sucky about blogging recently. And I won’t promise more frequent posts as my days are currently fairly full Read more…

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Another Grinch. And this one succeeded in stealing Christmas from me!

25 Dec 2016 Leave a comment

Y’all know I’m an Atheist. Christmas as a religious holiday means nothing to me. Since my family is away, I’m on my own today. Sleeping in, planning a couple of nice meals. You know, making the day a little bit special. So there I am, eating my Eggs Benedict (which I flubbed!) and in comes this email. It’s from NextDoor. Subject: Pets

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