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First Post – A bit more about me and why I’m blogging

Ok, my blog description and extended personal description has said some things. Time for some more.

I’ve worked for a number of different companies, big and small, as well as having my own successful business for a few years. Why don’t I still have it? I had what I like some might call an “early” midlife crisis a few years ago and walked away (sold my interest to my partner.) No matter what my work situation was (including self employment) I’ve always been a bit obsessed with doing “It” better. Now the “It” that supremely frustrates me is the assumption that businesses in the USA must end up establishing a heirarchy, grow, expand and that the ultimate goal of the owners (public or private) is to get cash out of the business. I want something else. I want a fulfilling experience at work and I want everyone who works with me to have the same experience. I believe that work SHOULD be a central part of life, not a means to an end. I want to make a living, enjoy my work and my co-workers, experience moderate success, and provide for my retirement. Oh yes, and provide for any family I might have, although I’m currently single, with no immediate family in need of providing.

It’s more important to me that the people I work with get what THEY want out of work, not what management deigns to give them. The culture of the workplace should be collaborative effort towards a (hopefully) well defined goal, with respect for all workers, information sharing. If successful, the business may grow to better handle a local market, but beyond that, instead of growing, the business will spin off other businesses. If web based, with the loss of meaning to “local market” I’d expect the upper limit to growth should be that there are too many co-workers to keep a feeling of family within the business. Employees WILL have a stake in the business, and will understand when they are hired that they are in an extended trial period. People who want to come to work, do only their job, not continuously learn and who are not interested in how the company operates need not apply. The books will be open.

What does the business do? What product does it make, distribute or sell? What services does it offer. For right now, it doesn’t matter!!! I’m at the beginning of the formation of the birth of a hint of an idea. I know (roughly) what the business would do if I had 4-8 like minded people with comparable life experiences, political outlook and skillsets AND collectively the funding to get it started. But I have none of those people, and as the team gathers, I’m extremely unlikely to find people so perfectly matched that the business does exactly what I envision. This is an evolution, not a finished proposal. I expect that the life experiences of the team I gather, along with their skillsets will result in the business we start being almost, but not completely different from the one I’ve got in my head!

I don’t know how often I’ll post. It depends on what I’m thinking about (obsessed with?) at the time, and whether I can break away from thinking (obsessing) and post! Unless of course, I’m thinking about my next post, in which case it will come sooner rather than later.

Actually, there will be 1 more post almost immediately on a restricted subject: Why I’ve chosen to moderate comments. — Watch for it soon!

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