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Why do I moderate comments?

It’s actually fairly simple. I despise quick, 1 line comments and personal attacks. I’m looking for thoughtful people who take the time to use language well to make a point, and who do so without impunging the honor of the person who they are commenting about.

I intend to let through ANY comment that is thoughtful, fairly well written, and doesn’t resort to bashing me or other people who comment. I’ll allow comments that disagree with me, even vehemently, as long as they follow commonly accepted rules of civility.

I’ll let comments range off topic, but if things seem to be getting out of hand, I reserve the right to move it into it’s own thread, or if I personally don’t have enough interest in the tangent, then to ask those that do to establish their own blog.

I’m only human. The above is not a guarantee. I may slip and allow something the above suggests I wouldn’t, or disallow something for reasons outside of what I’ve outlined above.

One final note for the record: Mispellings are my own, as is bad grammer. In these first 2 posts, I’ve used the drafting window provided by blogger.com and I’m disappointed that there isn’t at least a spell checker!! Future posts will be composed offline where I have the tools I want, then uploaded!

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