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A quickie about anonymous comments.

While I understand the desire of people to remain anonymous and will continue to allow comments through from completely anonymous people as long as they meet my guidelines (see my post on the subject) and especially since I’ve chosen one level of anonymity for myself (for the time being), I’d like to appeal to people posting comments to get a blogspot.com handle. You can set it up in such a way that nobody knows who you really are, nor will they have access to your email address. Although I THINK they will be able to send you email THROUGH your handle, they won’t know your actual email address unless you reply directly to them.

Why do I ask this? As I’ve said, I’m looking to gather a core group of people. If the comments continue to be completely anonymous, then I can’t know who I might want to invite to join! So please protect your anonymity if you want, but do it through a handle so your comments don’t blend in with others!


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