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First, I want to let everyone know why I moderate comments. However, I’ve said it before in my OTHER blog: New Business Paradigm – so I direct you to my post about moderating comments there: Why do I moderate comments?

Next, I also have some thoughts on anonymous comments, and while I’ve also covered them in my New Business Paradigm blog, my thoughts on anonymous comments as they relate to the topic of this blog are different in a subtle way, so I’m not going to point you to them. Here’s my thoughts:

There are many places in both the physical world and cyberspace where anonymity is a precious and valuable thing. However, in blog space, complete anonymity is a place to hide – a place to say anything without fear of repercussion. I view blogs as places to exchange information, and the ability to connect your comments with a particular online identity is valuable to me. If you only ever make a single comment, then complete anonymity is not a problem. However, if we end up conversing, or if you make more than 1 comment, even if I don’t reply, I find it valuable to know that the person who made comment A is the same person who made comments B and C. So…

I’m not going to block completely anonymous comments, but I’m going to be far less inclined to approve them as moderator. I want to converse with you, and if I don’t know who “you” is, then the conversation is dead in it’s tracks!

There are options for you that preserve the anonymity of your name, email address, where you live, or any other personally identifiable information: get a blogger.com handle! If you post with a handle, then I know that you made comments A, B, C and G — and I know we’re having a conversation. If you choose not to publish any personal information with your handle, OK — your choice — we can still have a conversation.

That’s all for now!

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