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Things to come

It’s later than I want, but I don’t want to leave a brand new food blog without posting something about food! Unfortunately, it’s already WAY past my bed time (I start to work at 6:00 AM and it’s now 9:23 PM) So I don’t want to fully flesh out any of the ideas I have, so treat this as a “to do” list of blog posts I intend to do:

  • How I started cooking – The Easy Bake Oven is my earliest cooking memory – Done!
  • My first full meal – when I was 7, and how I still cook it 41 years later, but with a more mature palette! – Done!
  • Small chickens — calling all small chickens! – Done!
  • Recipe Repository – Any suggestions for how/where to create one?
  • Rant about California Milk Subsidies – Done!
  • The search for Spice Organization

That’s all for now!

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