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Easy Bake Oven Follow Up

OK. I’m less certain about the timing of the Easy Bake Oven purchase. I could still be right, that I bought it in 1968 or 1969, but in any case, something is too vague in my memory to be certain.
Why do I say this? I checked my Mother’s picture album, and it has a couple of pictures that clearly show the new kitchen – in pictures dated December 1963 and February 1964. This directly contradicts my memory of using the EB oven in our temporary basement kitchen OR contradicts my memory of using the EB oven with the Betty Crocker mixes. One way they might be reconciled is that I did indeed use the EB oven in the basement, but well AFTER we used the basement as a temporary kitchen!

Sunset magazine hasn’t responded to my request for help in obtaining a reprint of the article about the new kitchen, so the correct date of the article remains elusive.

I’ll update as I get more corroborating information.

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