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Small chickens — calling all small chickens!

I love chicken, especially dark meat, but any part will do – except perhaps VERY hot wings!

But these days, mass market chickens are too big!

The first complete meal I cooked for my family centered around an old (well, new at the time) family recipe for what is essentially a steamed whole fryer. Both I and my family made it too many times to count during my childhood, and we always cooked a chicken in the vicinity of 3 lbs.

Fast forward to the present time, and I’m despairing to find a chicken in a mass market supermarket that is smaller than 4 1/2 pounds. This is a problem for me as I don’t want to either eat so much that this represents only 4 meals – 1 fresh and 3 as leftovers or last for more than 4 meals if I eat reasonable portions. As much as I love chicken, having it too often as leftovers before it spoils gets old – fast! I want the chicken of my childhood which would represent reasonable sized portions as follows:

  • Complete leg (drumstick and thigh) fresh out of the oven
  • Other leg as leftovers
  • Remainder of chicken turned into chicken salad – good for two meals – and perfect when made with the pre-bagged greens mixtures – a lifesaver for someone like me who should eat more salad, but doesn’t make salads because I get sick of them and don’t eat the leftovers before 1/2 of the salad spoils or wilts to the point of being unappetizing.

Oh I can find smaller chickens, but they are from specialty organic and/or free range vendors at higher end supermarkets. While in good times, I wouldn’t mind paying the added price, I just can’t afford it right now.

Anyone out there have any ideas of where to find reasonably priced, small chickens? I’m in Richmond, CA and travel to Oakland 2-3 times/week, so anything in the North/West Oakland through El Sobrante corridor would work.

If you are also frustrated by the large size of the mass market chickens currently available, please chime in and share – along with any solutions you’ve found!

If you’re wondering about my family chicken recipe – don’t worry, it will come, but only after I establish a recipe repository that y’all can access – and a plea for help in finding a repository will be the subject of another forthcoming post.

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