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My first meal

In my teaser in an earlier post, I said I was 7 when I made this meal for my family. Here it is…

I’m now less sure about how old I was, because it might put the day I made my first meal earlier than my purchase of an EB oven. Oh well, I’m still hoping to find some photographic evidence – a picture I remember of receiving a chef’s hat and apron for either Xmas or my birthday – I’m fairly sure it was AFTER I made the meal – and I’m hoping that I can find a dated copy!

In any case, here’s the meal that served 2 adults and 2 children:

Some ways to update the chicken recipe are included with the recipe, but it’s essence is the greasy gravy that accumulates while cooking, subsequently served over the chicken and the rice.

There’s no way to count the number of times I’ve made this meal (with variations), but it has been a staple for me since I first cooked it. Extremely conservative estimate: At least 200 chickens have donated their existence towards feeding me this meal.

As I’ve matured, the Minute rice has been replaced by non-instant rice, and the vegetable has taken many different forms. 2 days ago, I made the base meal for just myself (long grain white rice and a single portion of steamed green beans). Yesterday, I had 1 portion of the chicken as leftovers, and I accompanied it with my first try at fried rice, with vegetables in with the rice. I used frozen onions and frozen peas – and here’s my first fried rice lesson:

Steven Says: When using previously cooked vegetables in fried rice, add the largest pieces first to the fry – otherwise the big ones will be cold or the small ones mushy!

Some variations I haven’t tried yet, but intend to:

  • Instead of using copious pan drippings as is, grease and all, I’m going to try separating the grease and using the balance to make a more composed gravy
  • Instead of plain rice, make a pilaf – and don’t use the pan drippings on it!
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