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Merger of my blogs


Today I finally decided that my two blogs should merge – and the result is THIS blog.

Part of the reason for the merger is that I’ve wanted more options – and more easily implemented options – in the layout of my blog than my previous blog host could offer. Another part of the reason is that I’m close to creating a single public “root” for my various online activities. Last part of the reason is that I no longer feel the need for the fairly strong anonymity I hid behind on one of my other blogs.

There are a few things that I’m not going to bother editing out – like my reference to my first post in my food blog – which after merging appears after all the post from my “Fulfilling Work” blog!

Expect to see my layout change, gradually, over the next few months.

I’m about to remove ALL posts in my older blogs and replace them with a single post pointed at this blog.

That’s all for now…

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