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How one God Squadder thinks – or actually doesn’t think!

I heard something that enlightened me while listening to a podcast of the Ron Reagan show. There are some people whose minds it will be impossible to change. Here’s the story …

Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast of Ron’s show. Normally, I’d give you a link, but I’ve lost the date of the podcast and don’t remember where in the 2 hour podcast this came up – and I don’t have time to properly research it! So ALL things I say are quotes – aren’t really quotes – they’re just my hazy recollections! Let me set the stage:

Ron was talking about gay marriage. I think the discussion started because of Brad Pitt’s recent statement that he and Angela Jolie won’t marry until all people can marry, not just heterosexual marriages. My recollection is more distinct that the discussion had segued to a more specific discussion about a pastor who decided to stop performing any marriage ceremonies until he could legally perform civil same sex marriages – his denomination already allows him to perform religious same sex marriages. Enough background…

Ron: Hi, you’re on the Ron Regan Show

Caller: Hi, thanks for having me

Ron: So what do you think about this pastor?

Caller: He’s wrong.

Ron: Why?

Caller: Because there is only religious marriage and no religion allows marriage between same sex couples.

Ron: There’s lots of religions that allow marriage between same sex couples, including many Christian denominations.

Caller: No there aren’t

Ron: And there is an important legal distinction between civil and religious marriage.

Caller: No, there isn’t.

Ron: What makes you think that religions don’t allow same sex marriage?

Caller: It says so in the Bible, that’s the point of the Sodom and Gomorrah story

Ron: Well, the Bible also says that you have to stone people to death for apostasy – that’s in Deuteronomy

Caller: Don’t you know the Old Testament has been thrown out?

Well, that’s enough of me trying to recollect (badly) the conversation. Later in the day, I looked up the Wikipedia entry on Sodom and Gomorrah wherein I found that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah was in Genesis – which (in case you are more ignorant of the bible than my own woeful ignorance – is in the Old Testament. That caused me to do a double take — I shook my head, blinked my eyes a few times, shook my head again and thought: Didn’t this guy say the Old Testament has been “thrown out”? Thus repudiating his own source for opposing gay marriage?

I wish Ron had picked up on this, really, Really, REALLY wish! But he didn’t. Actually, he might have, but I was distracted – I was listening to the podcast while driving. I’m willing to bet the caller would have denied the internal contradiction. And therein lies the problem, which I’m going to generalize to:

Those who rely on their faith that the Bible is the literal word of god have proven by that very faith that they are incapable of logical reasoning.

I wish I had time to research the exact podcast, and the point within this podcast, that this conversation occurred. I don’t. However, if anyone reading this knows this information, please let me know and I’ll do what I can to embed it in this post!

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