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In Search of My Perfect Pizza

For over 20 years, my favorite pizza has been a very simple pizza: Pesto, Fresh Tomatoes, Cheese – no Tomato Sauce. An old friend of mine – actually a new friend at the time – introduced me to it in 1985 when we found ourselves co-occupants of a shared house. At the time, we got it to go from a place a little under a mile away. Alas, that restaurant closed, and thus my search began. I wanted (and still want) to recapture that fresh, simple taste. My search hasn’t ended, but today I came 1 big step closer…

Since that restaurant closed, I’ve found 2 other pizza joints that did my pesto pizza well, but one closed (it was in a location that churns restaurants about every 18 months) and the other was bought out by one of the newer chains. The latter one closed about 2 years ago, and that was when I first began trying to recreate it in my own kitchen.

I’ve had quite a few abject failures. From store bought, already cooked crust that has the ephemeral taste of cardboard, to pesto made with WAY too much oil, I’ve had a lot of trials and double that number (at least) of errors. But I hadn’t given up hope, and today I had a breakthrough: I’ve solved (for now) the crust problem!

Today I finally got 1 thing totally right, and the rest of the things OK. Admittedly, my previous attempts were hit and miss, with no attempt on my part to change just 1 thing at a time – mostly because I couldn’t stand to change just 1 thing when there were always many things wrong. What changed today? I found a crust that cooked up with exactly the taste, consistency, and degree of browning I’ve been longing for. The product? Mom’s Pizza Dough

… Wait, do they have a website? I haven’t looked before right now…Yep! Here it is: http://www.momspizzadough.com/index.html and lo and behold – they have a Pesto recipe! That recipe might be my next try, but even if I like it, I’ll return to a basil and pine nut based pesto to continue my search for the taste in my memory!…

Finally, I have one part of my pizza that can be done well, and sometime later this weak, I’ll see if it’s repeatable.

I’d actually used Mom’s once before — but not for pizza! I was trying a recipe for grilled flat bread that suggested frozen, uncooked pizza dough as an good base, so I tried it (the recipe) with Mom’s.

I took a closer look at the package, and Mom’s is organic. So, finally, I’m going to recommend Mom’s to my local Natural Food store. In the last 2 months, I’ve come to know their product mix well, and Mom’s isn’t included. As Mom’s is local to my store, it should be (knock on wood) an easy sell!

I will report back on my second try with Mom’s, but I’ll likely do it as a comment on this post rather than a new post all on it’s own.

PS: I forgot to mention that Mom’s is also on Twitter –@momspizzadough

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  1. 30 Sep 2009 at 03:44

    Organic pizza. Sounds so healthy!

  2. Steve
    04 Oct 2009 at 21:49

    Actually, not really a 2nd try (yet). My first try, I only used 1/2 a package. As I don’t eat pizza that often, I used the rest the next day for a grilled flat bread. Rolled it out, light coating of EVOO, Heavy dusting of Za’atar, Grille. Yum!

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