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Please help me decide whether or not to buy a $32 bottle of wine

In my previous post, I made passing reference to the best Pinor Noir I’ve ever had. I’ve done a bit of looking, and couldn’t find it locally at any wine merchant. It’s not in the current inventory of any wine wholesalers. Most of the merchants tried to sell me a comparable wine, but one on 4th Street in Berkeley (whose name and number I should have taken so I could properly credit them – anyone want to fill this in? It’s the shop just west of the Peet’s coffee – just add a comment and see this paragraph change quickly!) was very sympathetic and, instead of trying to sell me something they had in stock, actually helped me and suggested I try the web. I did, and now I face an agonizing decision.

While I paid $84 for a bottle at the steakhouse where I discovered it, in comparison to the cheapest bottle of wine available there ($75), it wasn’t an extravagance. However, the cheapest I’ve found it on the web is $32 (plus shipping) and that’s causing me some unexpected and somewhat surprising angst!

You see, I’ve NEVER paid more than $15 for a bottle of wine that I purchased for home consumption. I’m not a wine snob, or a connoisseur, nor am I one that is prone to extravagance in any area of my life – at lest that’s my own self image. Hey, my car is 12 years old and has a 9 year old dent I never bothered to have repaired because my car is transportation, it’s not me. I don’t buy new clothes until my old ones are threadbare. I live in a small townhouse I own, which I could easily have traded for larger digs easily during the California housing boom – and I could have done it without dipping into a sub prime loan – but I don’t need any more space and I like where I live!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a frugal, penny pinching slob. I live fairly comfortably, but mostly by getting my money’s worth out of the things I buy. So why is this decision causing me so much anxiety?

It’s my self image. It’s telling me that I’m not someone who pays that much for a bottle of wine. At the same time, my palette is telling me to go for it. I seem to be having this conversation with myself between the angel on my left shoulder and the devil on my right shoulder, and I can’t decide which one is right!

Help! Any advice would be appreciated. If you don’t want to take the time to comment, then please, at least take the poll I just created:

Thanks in advance!

On a big tangent, the above poll is the first poll I’ve created. I used my wordpress.com dashboard’s “Polls” tab, and it quickly created an account for me at Polldaddy, then gave me an easy to use editor, and an easy to use “Short Tag” to embed it.

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  1. Steve
    24 Oct 2009 at 23:03

    I just closed the poll because I just did an impulse buy of 2 Bottles of BV Carneros Pinot Noir that I found at BevMo. Vintages 2005 and 2006. We’ll see how they go down!

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