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Another Victim of New Media Overload

Podcasts, Blogs to follow, THIS blog to maintain, RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Chat Groups, Netflix, even the DVR. What do these things have in common? They consume time, and my time just ran out…

4 of my own blog posts still in draft status. 54 Podcasts I haven’t listened to. 3 Blogs I used to follow religiously. 228 unread RSS messages, 55 people I’m following on Twitter — and they post the most interesting links!. 3 Chat Groups/Discussion Forums. 2 Netflix movies that I’ve had for 6 weeks unwatched. DVR is 100% full of things I want to watch, but haven’t.

My time has run out. I can’t keep up with my media. At least not if I want to sleep, or keep my work time dedicated to work, or see friends and family, or take the time to practice cooking techniques and develop both my palette and my recipes, or join the food co-op I found (3 hours per 4 weeks commitment), or etc. etc. etc.

I’ve already given up Thom Hartmann. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s THE best thinker of the left wing broadcasters/podcasters as well as being one of the most civil with and about people who disagree with him. He is a pleasure to listen to. But my local station no longer broadcasts him live, so I can’t just listen to him in the background at work and mentally “tune in” when something of particular interest happens. Yes, I could add him to my podcast list, but as you can see above, he’s already overloaded.

When David Bender stopped Politically Direct, I mourned, but I don’t anymore. Now I’m thankful that there is 1 less demand on my free time, and thankful for his frequent appearances on Ring of Fire.

I used to follow 3 tech bloggers with frequent posts religiously (despite my being agnostic), but now I’m down to only the one which is very on point for my job, and I do that at work. I miss the other two, but can’t make the time.

Do I give up on the BBC News Pod? I’d be giving up my only non-US Centric source. Do I stop getting inspiration for foods I want to try by not recording my favorite Food Network shows? (Actually, I’ve got an answer for that one: No more DVR for Food Network shows that are more entertainment than inspiration (Iron Chef, Next Iron Chef, Chopped, Food Network Challenge) but keep the ones that maintain cooking at their core, especially the Saturday and Sunday morning shows, and Good Eats!)

Ron Reagan Jr.: I’m sorry, but I just can’t keep up, especially since you started podcasting short target segments along with full shows. I just unsubscribed to your podcast. I have to pick and choose, and my listening history shows that I listen to you far less than others, so you’re history — but your still great!

Well, those actions aren’t enough, but they’re a start. (Imagine Stephen Colbert shaking his fist, scrunching his face up in anguish/anger and screaming) “New Media! New Media!” You’ve captured me and are starting to crowd me out. I’ve got to maintain some distance.

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  1. Steve
    19 Oct 2009 at 19:05

    One other action I’ve taken: I signed up for the Best Of The Left podcast – and I communicated with the creator beforehand and ended up adding the cost of a yearly subscription to Thom Hartmann’s page so that HE could sign up. He’s also pressed for time, but Thom Hartmann sends out a daily newsletter summarizing the day’s show, so Best of The Left will be able to see what Thom talked about without having to listen. Since Best Of The Left is now doing episodes focused on a single topic, those emails will be of great help to Best of the Left.

  2. Steve
    24 Oct 2009 at 23:25

    Yikes! Was hoping to report a bit more time, and there has been a bit more, but I just found out that one of my favorite hosts, Peter B Collins, is podcasting! He went off the air 4 or 5 months ago and I’ve missed him! I just subscribed, so I’m now plus 4-6 hours per week!

  3. 07 Nov 2009 at 03:11

    I totally understand your dilemma, too much information is too much information. I think your on to the solution with the Best Of The Left podcast, but than again it may lack depth. This I find to be the great dilemma of our day. I do think that all this entertainment and news is one of the great distractions that may undo the world.I believe we all should think more deeply on this. I do suspect that the powers that be would like very much for us to be distracted as such, when one has too many choices do they then make informed decision? I don’t have any answers :/ but one shouldn’t devour everything they find 🙂

    You can check out my blog but I’m just starting out and trying to find my way, besides you don’t need more on your plate. ehhe

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