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I need help finding a lawyer – and I can’t give you details!

Greetings readers,

This is a weird one: I need help finding a lawyer, but I won’t give you details. Why?

Quite simply, I’ve got an idea that I think is:

  • Moral
  • Ethical
  • Related to Campaign Finance Reform

BUT — It borders of bribery! And actually discussing my idea could subject all who discuss it to future charges of participation in a criminal conspiracy. And it’s exposing you, the readers of this, to a charge of conspiracy that I won’t do, at least until I’ve received good legal advice. So now I need to find a lawyer – and I welcome your recommendations.

I’m looking for a lawyer who has experience in campaign finance law – especially at the federal level. Experience with intellectual property law would be nice, but not necessary – I’ve got to answer the conspiracy question before I worry about protecting my intellectual property. I’d prefer someone relatively local to me (greater San Francisco Bay Area.) Any direct recommendations you can give would be appreciated, as would any good ideas about how to search.

I’ve only worked directly with 2 lawyers in my life. One was a rental law attorney who helped me to legally stop renting to an odious tenant in a shared housing situation where I was both landlord AND resident. I won’t go back to him, as I’ve since found that he done some things that are abhorrent to me. The second lawyer has provided both be any my family good advice on estates and trusts and I’ve already contacted him asking for a consult for the purpose of referral. Unfortunately, he’s close to retiring and declined the consult.

Hope y’all come up with something!

Thanks in advance…Steve

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