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Mushroom Advice Needed

I tried buying and cooking Chanterelles and Morels yesterday. What follows are the details and my request for advice…

At the Farmer’s Market yesterday, I saw Chanterelle and Morel mushrooms for the first time. After asking the farmer advice on how to cook them, I bought a VERY small amount (they were quite expensive), brought them home, washed the Morels in salt water (as the farmer advised) and sauteed them very simply in 1/2 butter – 1/2 olive oil (not extra virgin!).

Quite simply, I loved the Morels – especially their earthy, meaty complex taste, but I didn’t think the Chanterelles were anything special.

I’m willing to give the Chanterelles another try – but only if I can get a good recipe recommendation! I’m looking for something where the mushroom is the ONLY significant ingredient – I want to evaluate the mushroom, not a whole bunch of OTHER flavors! Unless, of course, people reply that Chanterelles are much better in a more complex dish than eaten alone.

If you are a Chanterelle lover – I’d welcome your suggestions in comments.

As an aside, after I bought them at the Farmer’s Market, I found them at Berkeley Bowl West – for 1/2 the price!

Thanks in advance,


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