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I’m sorry, but I can’t follow everyone who follows me! Here’s why:


If you’re seeing this, then it’s likely that you’ve either:

  • Subscribed to my Blog (Unlikely, WordPress shows few subscribers)
  • Followed another link to my blog and got curious
  • been DIRECTED to this post via a Twitter direct message that I sent you recently.

It’s the people in the last category for whom this post will be most informative, but it’s available to all!

Over the past 18 months, Twitter has become my primary news source. It’s become this by my carefully selecting who to follow. What it comes down to is Signal/Noise ratio (SNR) – i.e. what percentage of YOUR tweets cause me to think, follow an embedded link, check out another Twitter user, or cause me to follow up in some form I haven’t already listed.

To a point, the higher the SNR, the more likely I am to follow you. This is combined with how frequently you tweet. My SNR threshold is far lower for people who tweet less than once or twice a day than it is for people who are almost continually tweeting – I’m already reviewing 800+ tweets/day!

So here are the various specific reasons that I may have chosen to NOT follow you, even though you’ve followed me:

  1. A look at your recent tweets, combined with your count of followers and people you follow, fits the pattern of someone who is trying to up both counts – simply for the “prestige” of having high counts. I didn’t follow you because you don’t appear to have much to say, or much other content that you refer to that I’m actually interested in!
  2. You appear to be on Twitter solely (or at least substantially) to sell some product or service.
  3. It appears that your interests and mine have nothing in common. In this case, I frankly wonder why you’ve followed me! If you’re in this category, it’s possible that I might have actually followed you as part of my short list of people I follow as part of my “opposition research” – but you won’t know that because I haven’t sent you a direct message referring to this reason!
  4. Although I have found some of your tweets worthwhile when I checked your Twitter timeline, you just tweet too much for my taste! I’ve got an ongoing time management problem (which I described in THIS blog post), and it looks to me like I’d have to review too many of your tweets to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you think I’ve categorized you incorrectly, please feel free to tweet beginning “@sjdorst” and ask me to revisit your timeline. I’ve been wrong before, and I expect I will be wrong again, and you may have changed your pattern. Note you won’t be able to “D” message me because those only go through to me IF I follow you!



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