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Wherein I reveal my Atheist God

Atheist God? What do you mean “Atheist God?”  Doesn’t being an atheist mean you don’t believe in ANY God?

Well….Yes. But being an atheist doesn’t mean that I can’t conceive of a god that I COULD believe in!

Revelation after the break.

I’m occasionally asked by theists, especially Christians, if there is any way I will believe in their god. The short answer is: probably not. But there might be a god — and I repeat: MIGHT be a god — that could have my faith!

<This Paragraph added 4 SEP 2014>I happened to be looking over my older blog posts today and I came to an abrupt stop when I read the last word in the prior paragraph. I didn’t mean that I imagine that I could ever have faith in any god, even the one I’m about to describe. Faith implies a belief so strong that you abandon reason. A much more accurate ending to the prior paragraph is: ” … might be a creator — and I repeat: MIGHT be a creator — that I could believe exists.”

Imagine a series of universes, each a flyspeck contained in a larger one, and containing one – or many – flyspeck universes itself. (aka Men in Black movies and bus station lockers)

Now imagine that, in our parent universe, there is a research facility that has the ability to play with the laws of physics. Inside, researchers set up a new universes with variants on the laws of physics. One might vary from ours by setting e equal to MC cubed, instead of ssquared Another change the rate of entropy. In any case, you get the idea.

In order for their experiments to be valid, two things must happen:

  1. Once started, experiments must be allowed to run to completion – without interference of any kind! Although an experiment can be abandoned once it’s obvious it’s not going to work.
  2. They have to be able to observe and measure the experiment. Thus while they might choose to impose the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle on us, it can’t apply to them when they are examining us!

Finally, imagine that they are trying to find the right mix of physical laws that causes a universe to arise where intelligent life both arises and is abundant within a certain period of their time. (Did I mention that time measured in their universe bears no relation to time as we measure it?). Repeated experiments at this facility use the results of previous experiments (completed and ongoing) to inform what they next tweak in the physical laws.

Thus our Creator is the researcher that picked the particular mix of the laws of physics that define our universe. To us, the moment of creation was the Big Bang, but to our Creator, it was the moment she flipped the switch! There are no miracles because she isn’t allowed to interfere once the experiments starts – it would pollute invalidate the results!

So I can conceive in this Creator. She doesn’t violate ANY of our science. Her Creation is consistent with things we know, and can observe. She might be able to do what we would perceive as miracles, but she doesn’t. She might hear our prayers, but she won’t act on ANY of them. She is amused when we give thanks, but it’s not necessary to bolster her self image.

But while I can conceive of Her, I actually can’t call her a God! Only a Creator! Why? Because my guess is that our universe is one of the failures! Intelligent life has arisen, yes, we are proof of that. But it is NOT abundant, nor does it look like there is much chance that it will become abundant. And even the intelligence we have is called into question by the percentage of people who continue to believe in ANY god without solid evidence.

So the God Creator I can conceive of is a scientist who adheres strictly to the scientific method. Experiment, observe (but don’t interfere with) the results, theorize, refine experiment, repeat, repeat and repeat.

So do I believe this? No, because such belief would serve no useful purpose! We’re I to believe this, NOTHING in my life would change. My belief wouldn’t inform my actions in any way, so why bother?

So what do you think?

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