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Caffeine and My Peregrination

A tweet has inspired me to add another minor goal!

<Boilerplate> If this is the first Peregrination post you’ve seen, you should FIRST see it’s introductory post: My Probable Peregrination

And since this discusses my Peregrination map, you will likely want to see the map, to see it, click: Here</Boilerplate>

Earlier today, I saw this on Twitter:

I looked at the link, and realized that I already have plans to visit 12 out of the 15. So I thought, why not try to hit them all? I have become a bit of a coffee aficionado recently! So here’s a discussion of the other 3:

San Francisco

For me, even though it’s not on the map, San Francisco is long ago crossed of the list – it was “The City” when I grew up (and it still IS my “The City”) and I’m intimately familiar with its coffee scene. That’s 13.

San Jose

San Jose is also not “On the Map”, but I have plans to interrupt the Peregrination to attend Netroots Nation 2013 there. Plans are firming up for me to interrupt the Peregrination to fly “home” to memorialize my Mom on June 23, and I won’t miss the opportunity to attend Netroots Nation! That’s 14 – and I think I WILL put it on the map, but on the left side, I’ll leave it at the bottom because I don’t know where I’ll be when I interrupt the Peregrination, so I don’t know where it will be in Peregrination order. I WILL pass through enroute Richmond to Monterey, but I won’t be stopping then, so it doesn’t count!


That leaves Denver. Problems:

  1. No tweeps there – Yet!
  2. It’s a heck of a long detour from either the Southern, early, eastbound leg or from the much later, Northern, westbound leg.

Agony! Should I or shouldn’t I? And if I do, should I add it to Eastbound or Westbound leg?

A yet to be written post will describe the indefinite quality of my ETA in all but the first few stops, but this adds to the complexity! Do I hit Denver on the Eastbound leg, delaying, for a bit, my exposure to Southern heat? Or do I hit it on the Westbound leg, keeping to my intention to stay South early in the (possibly vain) hope of avoiding the worst of the heat? But either way, if I include it, it will add a minimum of a week to my journey. Is that going to risk early snow as I travel Wyoming?

Don’t get me wrong, I like to vacation in the snow. And I have lived in snow country in college. I can deal with it. But I’ve never had to drive significant distances in snow, alone, much less through sparsely populated country!

Note: I HAVE been to Denver during my 1996 EARLY midlife crisis. But I wasn’t into coffee then, so I refuse to count it as already done for the purposes of visiting the top 15.

With the above discussion in mind, I’m tending toward this: Without a Tweep (or two or three) crossing #15 off the list is NOT worth the detour, but if I don’t detour, I’ll add “Cross off Denver as the last one of the Caffeinated Cities” to my personal bucket list. Hey? I’m going to cross off “Overnight in all 50 States” and “Pass through all California Counties” from my bucket list, might as well add a new one!

Your thoughts?


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