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Clarification on the Timing of My Probable Peregrination

A number of my Tweeps have already asked: “When will you be in <insert city here>?”  so they could plan to be there when I arrive. Unfortunately (for this purpose), for almost all cities, I simply don’t know the answer! Read on for why:

<Boilerplate> If this is the first Peregrination post you’ve seen, you should FIRST see the introductory post: My Probable Peregrination

And since this discusses my Peregrination map, you will likely want to see the map, to see it, click: Here</Boilerplate>

My Peregrination will physically be a drive around the country, meeting old friends for the first time, seeing a few sights I’ve always wanted to see, and crossing a few items off my personal bucket list.

But emotionally it will be far more than that! It will be a process of thought, introspection and extroversion (and no, in this case, those two are NOT mutually exclusive!) and discovery. For most stops, I have no idea how long I will stop!

So unless you live in a Southern California place (my first real set of stops, Monterey will be a meal only!), the farther into my Peregrination you see a place, the harder it will be to guess when I’ll arrive. OF COURSE I’ll be tweeting and blogging my progress, so the closer I get to any place, the easier it will be to narrow my arrival down to a window of a few days.

But who knows? I might fall head over heels for someone I meet, have a torrid affair, fly to Vegas to get married, and stop the Peregrination right there! Likely? Knowing me, no. But possible? Yes.

Or I could get an out of the blue job offer that I just can’t pass up. Again, is this likely? No. Possible? Yes.

More likely is that I’ll plan for a day or two for each stop. Longer in Houston, Dallas, DC, NYC and Chicago where I have a LOT of tweeps. In those cities, my stop is more likely to be an impromptu #UppersPalloza! And a few tweeps have expressed interest solely in sharing a meal, so those stops will be more like a drive-by. And I WILL change plans at will!

So, given the increasing uncertainty as the Peregrination progresses, I must ask all of you: Please do NOT make plans around my arrival! I hope to see all of you, but you all have your own lives. Will I miss a couple of you? Probably. But that’s life. We can’t always get everything we want. I’ll be sad if I miss you, but it won’t be the end of the world.

One other thing on timing: I’m going to interrupt the Peregrination to fly back home near the end of June. I wanted to attend Netroots Nation in San Jose, CA before any of this started, and had given up that idea once I realized I wanted to do the Peregrination. But now it looks like my family will memorialize my Mom on Sunday, June 23, at my Sister’s house in Berkeley. Which fits almost PERFECTLY with Netroots Nation! I’ll likely spend about a week in the area. And as yet, I obviously have no clue where I’ll be when this interruption starts!

And the memorial for Mom? It will be a Latke Party – and I plan a future post about why that is SOOOOOO appropriate!


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