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Peregrination Equipment Note 1

Less than 24 hours into my journey and I’m already having issues, both good and bad, with how I’ve chosen to equip myself. If the minutia of dealing with “stuff” doesn’t interest you, then stop reading! Otherwise, read on …

Best start with the keyboard I’m using to compose this. I bought a case for my Nexus 10 tablet which includes a Bluetooth keyboard. And the keyboard is giving me, a fast touch typist (yes, that was a humblebrag) nothing but headaches! While I can’t complain about it’s size – I knew I’d have to adjust to that – the layout is just different enough from larger keyboards that I’m taking 5 times longer to get my words into this post than I normally do!

The keys keep my fingers so close together that my left pinkie does NOT want to move down far enough for the left key, so I keep toggling CAPS LOCK instead!

On the right, it’s even worse. The right key is so far right that I end up hitting either or instead, then, if I’m not paying attention, my typing puts words somewhere other than where I intended them!


iT’S A JOY (whoops! see what I mean about caps lock) to set up and take down.


But I should have gone for the 4-man instead of the 3-man. Would have only cost $30 more, but I’d have enough inside height to stand to dress/undress.

But it’s been so long since I did any camping that I’d totally forgotten how moist your gear gets overnight even if there’s no rain. And forgot that you really should try to dry it out – direct sunlight is best – before packing. My body hasn’t (yet) adjusted to sleeping past 0450 hrs local, so there was no way I was going to linger this morning, but I’m going to have to stop somewhere a bit later, unpack the tent and let it dry.


Simply put, it’s a waste of space. I thought I was being smart by getting a cot that rolls up instead of folds. “It will make packing the car easier!” Yes, it does make packing the car easier, but it makes unpacking/packing the COT take longer then the tent! I’d done a few tests, and had slept on it one night inside my condo. It is comfortable, but last night I didn’t want to take the time to set it up and slept with only a 3 inch thick, self inflating pad. And I slept well!

So I’m going to ship the cot to my sister, who can bring it to my condo. No point in wasting the space in the car, much less the gas to carry it around the country!


The way I use it, it just eats up the battery! Until yesterday, I usually had it in it’s charger when I was ho1e. And never had problems. When I went to bed last night, it was at 28% so I swapped in a fresh one. And that fresh one used 25% overnight – mostly idling! and is now down to 49%.

Good thing I have 3 spare batteries, 2 separate chargers, and a power outlet in the car that’s always on so I can charge 2 batteries overnight!


Finally found something to nitpick about the car! The positions for resting my left arm while cruising aren’t the best. Oh well …

Other things,
i hope to write about how my sense of time is already changing, just one short week after my last day at work. But that’s another post, and I’m SICK of this keyboard. AND I promised at the beginning of this post to talk only about minutia. Thus ..

Ta ta for now!


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