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Peregrination Equipment Note 2: Good Coffee in a Cheap Motel

Another brief one. Desperation caused me to improvise a bit in my motel room this morning. No coffee maker! Read on for how I coped …

I’d bought a neat stove at the REI in Marina (near Monterey) and successfully used in Friday Morning in Lime Kiln State Park, but now I found myself in a motel with no coffee maker! So I got creative.

I’m NOT going to detail the process here! Why not? I just finished a photo-essay which you can see!

Right AFTER I took the pictures, I started cleaning everything while sipping coffee from the mug – and broke the glass! Thermal Shock!

I thought it would be easy to replace as I passed through Santa Barbara, but boy was I wrong! I tried: Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, another Starbucks, Coffee Beans & Tea Leaves, Peets, then finally struck gold at Sur la Table — they had a replacement carafe. Had they had two, I would have bought both, but they didn’t. To prevent another caffeine disaster, I bought the spare carafe AND a full new french press! Gotta have my morning coffee!

Notes on the Peregrination:

On Thursday, saw my Monterey friend, did some shopping and ended up at Lime Kiln State Park where I walked my mile, listened to All In With Chris Hayes and the Rachel Maddow Show, munched nuts for dinner washed down with milk, camped.

Friday I slept in, then proceeded to San Luis Obispo for brunch. The food was forgettable, so I’ll NOT mention the restaurant. Hardware store shopping for hammer (tent stakes), window cleaner and paper towels. Supermarket for shaving cream, raisins and cheese. Then on to Lompoc for the night. But no MSNBC in the motel! (I always call and ask before I reserve)  So I dashed to Buellton where I found a cheap motel WITH MSNBC and free WiFi. Did my mile walk around town. Watched evening political shows, ate dinner at another forgettable restaurant. Crashed

Saturday (today) up very early for Up with Steve Kornacki. During live tweeting, a twitter friend with Cerebral Palsy tweeted an urgent need for a transcriptionist. I volunteered. Motel WiFi crapped out, so I headed for Starbucks to Skype with her, but the only Starbucks in town is in a Marriott, with WiFi for guests only! So I dashed 30 miles to a Goleta Starbucks with Wifi. Did transcription. Drove to two places recommended by another Twitter friend, then the frustrating shopping for carafe, starting in Goleta and ending in Santa Barbara. Drove to Port Hueneme (just south of Oxnard) to motel. Edited photo essay and this blog post. Next? Shower, Dinner, email to my list. Bed!

Hope y’all are enjoying this!


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  1. sighs4l
    13 Apr 2013 at 20:14

    5 stars for good deeds.

  1. 15 Apr 2013 at 06:54

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