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Rant on portion sizes

Wherein an incident on my Peregrination causes me to cross the line from being upset to being a ranting lunatic on portion sizes! Read on for more …

Last night at dinner as I put aside a half eaten plate of Carnitas, I realized that the meals I’ve eaten on my Peregrination – with the exception of meals I munched from my camping supplies and meals served in homes – have all had excessively large portion sizes! I haven’t yet finished all that was served to me, and most times I’ve only finished half! But this wasn’t the straw that broke this camel’s back.

Today, as I was returning to my motel from scouting the Santa Fe train station – and it’s parking arrangements – in prep for a quick trip to Albuquerque tomorrow (solely to take the train!), I succommed to a sudden urge for a fast food restaurant where I hadn’t eaten in quite a while. I knew exactly what I wanted, and it didn’t include sides or a drink – I had milk in my car and wanted to drink it – and I knew the sides sucked – taste wise. So I pull up to the drive through, told the person exactly what I wanted, and she said I’d have to order a la carte. I commented that it would be cheaper than ordering the meal which included two sides and a drink, but she said a la carte pricing would cost me more! So I ordered the meal and told her to hold the sides and the drink! Back at the motel, I didn’t even finish what I ordered!

What kind of perverse marketing causes a franchise to charge MORE for the parts of a meal ordered a la carte than the entire meal with sides and drink NOT delivered!

And why has EVERY meal I’ve eaten out contained more than I cared to eat!

I don’t know the answers to either question, but I’m sure that whatever the answers are, they don’t suffice to excuse the obesity and poor diets for which oversized portions are a major contributor. It’s fucking perverse!

The only times in recent memory that I’ve eaten all that I’ve ordered at a fast food place are the lunches I ate while I was working (I never got the hang of packing a lunch) where at some of the places I frequented, I was able to order off the “Value” menu. And even there, while I finished the food, the “small” iced tea was still too big for the meal – and I’d finish it at work during the afternoon.

I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve probably wasted 1/3 of the food I’ve ordered on my Peregrination – perhaps more. Though I won’t take ALL the blame – the restaurants didn’t need to serve such large portions.

And while I’ve spent (so far) two nights in Texas, I’ve yet to order the steaks for which Texas is famous (among other things). They seem to follow the “Everything’s big in Texas” meme – unfortunately the price follows the size. I don’t need a 20 ounce RibEye!! Or even a 12 ounce Filet! At home, I take a 12 ounce steak, cut it in half, cook half and freeze the other half for later! Alas, I can’t do that while I’m Peregrinating.

OK. Done with my rant, feel free to contribute yours!

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  1. 01 May 2013 at 04:42

    You hit on one of my ‘beefs’ with serving size and the combo marketing and pricing. The ‘supersize’ ads hit a nerve. With your exploration you aren’t going to have many options. I’ve chosen to fight by reducing the number of times I eat out. And I make it a point to take out any uneaten portions as well as ensure I eat them, usually the next 2 meals. Makes for some interesting breakfasts. Those friends and family I eat with get a practiced dirty look and “your leaving that?” When they refuse to take out leftovers.

    • 01 May 2013 at 04:50

      At home, my “coping” mechanisms for excess portion sizes are close to yours. I don’t eat out much, and when I do, I order with an eye towards the things that don’t suck as leftovers! – However, I’ll admit to the occasional deep fried something – doesn’t matter what – knowing I won’t take the leftovers home as I’ve yet to find a way to resurrect deep fried ANYTHING after it’s cooled!

  1. 12 Jan 2014 at 17:24

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