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My Calling – Perhaps

Those of you who have been following my blog – or my Twitter timeline – especially my musings on what I’m going to do with the rest of my life – know that I’ve been searching for something (likely political) that ignites my passion, with a secondary goal of supporting myself. Supporting myself isn’t essential as I’ll put up with just about any job that gives me time to pursue my passion. If my passion can become my vocation, it is just icing on the cake.

Well, I may well have found my passion! Read on for details:

For the past few months, and most especially in the last 4-5 weeks, a number of us in my Twitter political circle have become increasingly angry at many of the political shenanigans happening at the Federal and State level, as well as at the Supreme Court. So much so that we started asking ourselves “What can we do?”. On July 14, while driving from Pittsburgh to Columbus, I had what I now term my Brainstorm. On arrival at a twitter friends house in Columbus, I wrote it up.

In order to make THIS post appear short, I’ve linked to it: My Brainstorm You should read it now. It’s important to the REST of this post!

Initial twitter reactions to the Brainstorm were uniformly positive. Many immediately said “I’m In”, a few wanted more time to think, but came around. Only 1 wasn’t completely positive – and only because that person,  while he liked the idea, thought we should instead be calling for a revolution!

After a few days of discussion on Twitter, we realized that the 140 character restriction of Twitter made real discussion nearly impossible. So we set up a semi-public online forum with a bit of topical structure and the ability to make as long a comment as you want. I’m trying to keep it focused on what I believe are the two essential first questions: What will we call ourselves? and What is our Mission Statement? The first is necessary to get a domain name for the future site and the second is – in my opinion – the essential very first thing that must go up on the site. You can view it at: Mad Marauders Brainstorming Forum

As is my wont, I could spend far more of this post on the organization, how we are organizing it and what I hope it  can accomplish, but in the interests of brevity, I won’t!

Instead, it’s time to talk about how this affects me.

I envision the website as becoming a (the?) primary resource on the web on all things related to Voter Suppression. It will take donations. And it likely won’t organize under an IRS section that disallows direct political assistance to anyone. It is my hope that it grows to the point of needing paid staff, and that, at that time, the board of directors chooses me to be on that staff.

Don’t get me wrong. I did NOT have the brainstorm, nor support the cause to give myself a job! I’m committed to the cause in any case. Becoming paid staff would simply be icing on the cake. And I feel passionate enough about it to spend 6-12 months, full time and unpaid, towards developing and expanding the organization. But it is my hope that I can change what will be an avocation into a vocation. Unless …

Unless the one OTHER thing I’ve been contemplating proves to be a quicker path to a vocation: Transit Planning. I won’t know more before the end of the Peregrination as the best contact I have in Transit Planning is in Portland – and Portland is the penultimate stop on the Peregrination. If Transit Planning becomes my vocation, then I might let that be it. But until and unless that happens, Voter Suppression has my (nearly) complete attention.

And with that I’ll finish. I actually had to draft this twice, as WordPress lost my first attempt when it was almost complete. This time, I’ve been hitting the “Save Draft” button often!

As always, I welcome your comments,


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