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The Peregrination is Over But The Work Has Just Begun

Greetings to all!

Yesterday, August 28, 2013 at about 1:00 PM I returned home. For the past 142 days, I’ve been living out of my car, seeing much of the lower 48 (I only missed 6 states: NV, UT, CO, ND, TN and ME), meeting, for the first time face-to-face, many old friends from Twitter, and a few other people from other aspects of my life.

The attempt to get myself in shape, I’m sad to say, failed. It’s a long story, perhaps one for another blog post.

Other aspects of the Peregrination were resounding successes.

In the greater scheme of things, the following were trivial, but they were important to me – and now they are done!

  • Childhood resolution to sleep in all 50 states: Done
  • Childhood resolution to pass through every California County: Done
  • I did, indeed, cross off all but 1 of the “most caffeinated cities in the US” during my journey. What remains? Denver. There are Twitter friends in the Denver area I still want to meet. And I’ve always wanted to cross the Colorado Rockies by train in winter. So I’m already planning (OK, more like intending) to take a week sometime in Winter – probably late February or early March, to take the train to Denver, meet my Tweeps, and drink coffee!

And I learned a lot about myself. But I’m not going to take the time here to tell you! Why not? It centers around ONE of the things about the rest of my life that I decided: I will never again let my home be overwhelmed by clutter!

For those of you who don’t already know, I haven’t shared my home with anyone for at least 10 years. Why? Because I allowed it to become so cluttered that even basic cleaning seemed an insurmountable task. And I was ashamed of that. I’m still ashamed, but I must thank my sister, Mary, for doing enough decluttering in my absence, along with arranging for professional cleaning, that taking the time to declutter no longer seems pointless.

The first rule of recovering from clutter is never, NEVER add to it! And there is my conundrum: With the exception of clothes, there isn’t much I can remove from my car that has a definite place it belongs! If I unpack the car completely, then the clutter will increase, violating rule # 1!

So instead of spending a lot of my first week home writing – and brainstorming – I have already started, and will continue, decluttering.  I’ll start doing other things once I declutter enough to unload the car, but even then, I’m going to spend roughly half my time decluttering and cleaning until it’s done. Until I have a home I can proudly open to friends and family.

So other big thoughts are going to wait.

Write you later!


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  1. Melissa Nunes
    29 Aug 2013 at 12:50

    I’m so surprised by this confession! That’s why I didn’t have you visit my house! I wish I would have just been honest with you.

  2. athena
    29 Aug 2013 at 13:31

    Hmmm… as a pack-rat myself, I can understand the embarrassment about clutter, Because of my work I am thankfully “forced” to have at least some of my home presentable to the “public”. but, I confess.. much of my house is an abysmal quagmire of things I can’t use, NOW.. but also can’t seem to part with because I MIGHT need them in the future. It is embarrassing.. I have actually fantasized about having my house burn down in order to not have to deal with making choices about what to purge. Sigh,….

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