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New feature to my blog!

Take a look near the top of this page. Do you see the “Foodie Laws” tab? Don’t click it yet until,I explain!

Right now it has only 1 law, the Expanding Cabbage Law. And I just thought of it as I finished making a batch of slaw a few minutes ago.

I’ll be adding more as they are revealed to me.

OK. NOW you can click the “Foodie Laws” tab!


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  1. Michael Brewer
    09 Nov 2013 at 08:53

    You’re clearly a fellow MSNBC watcher, so I wanted to ask you if you’re getting as tired as I am of news and talk shows of all types behaving as though the entire world consisted of nothing but the ACA rollout and the 2016 Presidential race. After more than 2 years, there’s nothing more to be said about ACA other than updates on enrollment and web function. As for 2016, the networks have clearly decided that we are expected to be immersed in presidential politics 24/7 – forever. Is there anything MSNBC fans can do to get the network to acknowledge the existence of the wider world?

    • 09 Nov 2013 at 09:06

      I am indeed turned off by the things you mention, but there are some jewels in the wilderness:

      Rachel Maddow has a rarely broken rule: No 2016 stories/speculation before 2015.

      Melissa Harris-Perry spends 2 hours every Saturday & Sunday on real issues (mostly).

      And then there’s Al Jazeera America. Take a look, it’s what CNN is supposed to be (and mostly was under Ted Turner).

      On the web, The Young Turks is blazing away at real stories, interviewing real (non elite) people.

      I suggest watching those few MSM/big cable shows that get it right. Fill in the rest of your news time w/ Al Jazeera America & The Young Turks.

      And just as important, TELL the ones you’re no longer watching WHY you’re no longer watching, as I did with my Open Letter to MSNBC on why I no longer watch Up With Steve Kornacki.


      • Michael Brewer
        09 Nov 2013 at 09:11

        Steve, I found your comments while looking for a place to make comments to Kornaki’s show. Is there a format to get messages directly to a particular show’s producers or host? I hate those generic corporate web comment sites, because I don’t think anyone pays attention to them. Thank you for your response, and I agree about the diamonds. I love Rachel, but I do wish she could get through a show without saying everything at least 3 times. It bothers me, but it drives my wife nuts, and she’s a Rachel lover too. Best regards.

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