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Yet another big reveal!

And this one came as a bit of a surprise to me as well! Frankly, I’m too tired to look over my previous posts to see if I’d ever fleshed out the business idea I’ve been forming. Heck, I don’t even recall if I mentioned it!

Longtime readers of my blog – and people on my “Peregrination” email list as well – know that I resigned my job of 14+ years to “Figure out what to do with the rest of my life.” The decision to do so is almost 2 years old now, and my resignation happened a little over 17 months ago.

I know that I’ve blogged on how I want to live, but this one is about how I earn my living! Although I’d previously discussed 4 (I think) different areas of policy in which I thought might be compatible with my rather leftist political leanings, while also giving me an income, it now looks like I’m going off in a different direction. It’s still one that is (somewhat) related to my social, environmental, and economic justice leanings, but on a far more individual level.

I’m going to try to keep this short, honest! And I. Will. Resist. The. Urge. To. Recap. Stuff. You. Might. Have. Heard. Before.

But not completely! Here’s the short version: Beginning with the horror I faced at the clutter in my house when I returned from my Peregrination, I started thinking about ways to live that inherently resists Murphy’s Law of Stuff (That it expands to fill all available space). This led me fairly quickly to the Tiny House Movement. And by December 2013, I’d resolved to move towards living in a Tiny House. The more I researched, the more I realize that there’s a LOT of people who, like me, are very interested in downsizing their living situation. And many of them (again like me) have two fundamental obstacles to attaining that goal: “Where do I BUILD my tiny house?” and “Where can I live in my tiny house, once it’s built?”

I’ve already addressed how I want to answer the second question – see my previous post!

But I’ve been toying with an idea addressed at the first question (Where to build?) since (roughly) the new year. My recent discovery (since the middle of August) that there are a LOT of people in the core Bay Area would would love an answer to that question. So I see a need – and I intend to fill it!

I envision starting, perhaps as the majority (possibly the sole) owner/investor, a business that rents secure, INSIDE space to rent to people who need a place to build their tiny home. I’m not going to go into any more detail here because I’ve also opened a platform for all people interested in either participating in the business – or just helping me brainstorm!

I invite all of you to check it out. Before I give you the link, I should warn you that, as a private group, you have to ask to join before you can see anything, and I have to approve you! I’m sorry for the privacy wall, but I don’t want the whole world to know the details of what I’m planning as I have some fear of someone else stealing the idea and getting it to market first.

Ok, here it is: Brainstorming Steve’s Business

I’ll check the email address you give against my contacts, and if I recognize you, I’ll immediately grant access as I’d like you to see – and comment on – the details of what is emerging. If I don’t recognize your email, I may question you about how you found out about the group and why you are interested before I grant access.

I’m looking forward to seeing a few of you over there!


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