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Getting the news is getting harder!

32 months – yes, almost 3 years – ago I blogged about why I stopped watching Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC. Today, I explain why I’ve decided to stop watching All In with Chris and the Rachel Maddow Show … 

OK, I’m not shutting them down completely, but I’m no longer going to organize my day around watching them in real time.

TL;DR version: I’m sick of all #Drumpf all the time.

Folks, there are LOTS of things happening out there. And for many years, I’ve counted on Chris and Rachel to inform me on the most important of them. Combine that with my love of live tweeting with my #Twitfam and I’ve spent the last few (4-5) YEARS making my schedule almost always include  5-7PM Pacific so that I could live tweet their shows.

Unfortunately for MSNBC – and for myself – this ends today.

For the last few months, I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with their shows. They’ve become more driven by whatever is currently obsessing the main stream media. This week, I experimented for the first four days in recording them on my cable box, but NOT watching in real time. Then, this morning, I reviewed ALL of them. The result? For 6 hours of air time (Tuesday wasn’t included as both were dropped in favor of election coverage), I skipped all stories that were either about Donald Trump, other electoral shenanigans, or the horserace. I also skipped all stories yesterday surrounding the downed EqyptAir flight.

The result? I got through 6 hours (less commercials) of air time in 45 minutes – and most of that time was spent skipping stories, not consuming news.

As much as I like live tweeting, I can no longer arrange my life around watching such content free programming for two hours every weeknight. Beginning tonight, I won’t watch either show live. Instead, I’ll review them – skipping the drivel – at my leisure.

As one alternative, I’m going to start watching Thom Hartmann’s TV show on Free Speech TV (which is carried on my Dish). But I don’t know if that will be enough for me to keep current on the important stuff.

A year ago, I would have paid extra for Al Jazeezra America. It was, for a time, the best TV source I could find of all around news that specifically did NOT focus on whatever the MSM was obsessing about. Alas, it’s now gone – and I could comment at length at the shame of it’s passing – but I won’t.

I’m going to pay more attention to the various news and blog feeds I receive by RSS. I don’t know if this will be enough.

One thing I should mention: During my experiment, I watched (as opposed to skipped) more of Rachael than I did of Chris. Why? Especially in her first segment, Rachael tends to start out in left field with some obscure factoid, then relate it somehow to the news of the day. For those segments, it took me far longer to decide to skip them, but skip them I did after it became apparent that the segment was actually focusing on fluff/MSM obsessions instead of something truly new to me.

To both Chris and Rachel, I say: I miss you. I miss your insight. I miss your attention to detail. I miss the guests you brought – especially the ones that no other show would invite. I miss your focus on the people involved in the stories.

As has been obvious to Driftglass, Peter B Collins, Brad Friedman and a number of other bloggers I follow, I know bow to the fact that MSNBC has ceased being the go to source for news from the Left, thus it will no longer be MY go to source.

Chris: Please find some way to get back to your roots. The roots evident in your Nation writings and Up With Chris Hayes.

Rachel: You too need to get back to your roots – the Air America muckraker ones.

For now, I have to, reluctantly, consider both of you to be just more talking heads, albeit without the jingoistic rhetoric coming from many others.

To my readers: Please suggest alternate sources of news – preferably available by RSS feed – that I can use to keep me aware of stories of national (and international) import that aren’t being covered by the main stream media. Feel free to comment with suggestions, or Tweet me @sjdorst.


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  1. 11 Nov 2016 at 14:05

    Hey! It’s so good to see your name again. I have left Twitter for the most part for many of the same reasons you name here. It’s the same argument between Left and Right for over eight years. MSNBC is the new Fox. I get news from HBO. The Vice is great. Bill Maher still has balls and a weekly show!

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