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Tweeple: Who are you?

Okay. Time for a mini rant. It’s about people who like or retweet my tweets. Now I like to be courteous? Yeah that’s it, courteous.

By this I mean that when I see someone I don’t recognize who has liked a tweet of mine or has retweeted me, I check out their profile and recent tweets. Are they worth following?
There’s a lot of criteria that I use, which I’m not going to detail here. This mini-rant is about one thing:
If their entire timeline consist overwhelmingly of retweets of other people’s tweets then I’m not going to follow them. Why? I’m glad you asked.

Quite simply if you don’t tweet your own thoughts then I’m unlikely to learn anything about you by following you! I like to follow people, to learn what makes them tick. I already follow enough people I know – and they retweet enough it’s rare that I see something new (to me) in the timeline of person whose timeline is mostly retweets that it’s a waste of my time to add the serial retweeted to my home Twitter stream.
I do appreciate their “likes” and retweets. Thanks, especially for the retweets. But if you don’t, at least occasionally, add your own thoughts, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll follow you.

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