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I’m done with the Green Party as it exists today!

I haven’t blogged about this election. I’ve been outraged about many things in our body politic, but since I’ve seen my outrage echoed in many other places with FAR wider readership than this blog, I haven’t bothered to chime in. That ends now.
I came across the following story on DailyKos today, and it’s caused me to rethink any connection I’ll have with the Green party!
Yes, the “Green” Party has Endorsed Trump Over Clinton:

Article from DailyKos

In short, I’m done with the Greens in the US. Until and unless the grassroots manage to retake control of the national party.
I’ve long thought that, for any third party to become viable, it needs to first grow quite strong as a number of local efforts combine over shared principles to compete in larger elections.
While the Greens have won a few – very few – races at the city or county level, they have yet to win statewide level (much less nationally) .
What really frustrates me about the Greens is exemplified by the article I linked above: A few of the more prominent Greens (Stein, Nadar, Sarandon — and a few others) have managed to claim to be a National party – with stated views and platforms that bear almost no resemblance to the things that local Greens care about. Frankly, it is WAY too soon for the Greens to even attempt to compete at this level.
With the current (I almost want to call it a schism except that there aren’t any Greens I’m aware of who actually want to split) dissonance between local Greens and what I’m going to call Celebrity Greens, I can no longer associate myself with the Green label. I’m still with the locals – heck, I haven’t seen a position, policy, or candidate at the city or county level with which I disagree about anything (except for some cuckoo Marin County Greens who are vehemently anti-vax)! But to label myself a Green – especially by registering to vote as a Green, I’d also be aligning myself with the Celebrity Greens, which I steadfastly refuse to do.
Your thoughts?
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