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Froot Loops as a Political Statement

Ah! Froot Loops! One of my heretofore undisclosed guilty pleasures.

In my childhood, my parents restricted their kids to one sugary cereal serving per week. My choice was Froot Loops, usually eaten in front of the TV while watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

I distinctly recall that a small part of the pleasure of Froot Loops were the strange color they imparted on the milk (this is important later in the story).

Somewhere around the time I became a teenager, the allure of Froot Loops waned. It was no longer important to me to eat them any chance I could get. And I no longer sought them.

Fast forward to a few years ago when I peregrinated around the country, often staying at budget motels who provided what they described as a “continental breakfast”. At the low end, these often consisted only of coffee, cheap OJ, and a choice of two or three cereals – often including Froot Loops. It was in these places that I rediscovered my love of Froot Loops as a rare treat.

Fast forward again to the present day and the Right Wing call for a boycott of Kellogg’s products in “retaliation” for Kellogg’s pulling of their ads from brietbart (dot) com.

Now I haven’t bought any Kellogg products since I had my whole foods/cooking epiphany. But since I became aware of the Kellogg’s bruhaha, I’ve thought that I should buy at least one Kellogg product, just to show my support – my own personal “buycott”.

So yesterday, I’m in my local Lucky store, stocking up on the few things I still use that aren’t available at grocery stores that sell less (or no) processed foods. And I remember my intention to give a small amount of support to Kellogg. So I wander to the cereal aisle, expecting (perhaps) to buy something vaguely healthy like SpecialK when there they were — right in front of me — at eye level — Froot Loops!

Yep. I bought a box. And had a bowl for lunch yesterday and for breakfast today! My guilt at eating what is, for all intents and purposes, pure sugar is offset by my smugness at supporting (in my own small way) Kellogg’s withdrawing their ads from that odious website that I won’t name again.

As political statements go, it’s one that vanishes into the netherworld beyond the low end of actions that have any chance of affecting our national dialog.

One thing about Froot Loops as produced today that surprised me? They didn’t change the color of the milk! So at least I can say that I haven’t violated one of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules: “Never eat a cereal that changes the color of the milk.”

So that’s my most recent, virtually undetectable act of political resistance. What’s yours?


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  1. 03 Dec 2016 at 09:27

    Wow! As per my usual, I prepared to tweet a link to this blog post. And I wanted to add appropriate #hashtags. So I went and searched Twitter for “kellogg” – and I’m blown away by what I’m finding within the right wing echo chamber (RWEC)! And I’m not going to link any of the sources I found as none of them, in my opinion, deserve any publicity, nor the ad money that might be generated just from viewing the page. If you really must see them, just search Twitter (or Facebook, or Reddit, or … etc.) yourself!

    There is now, supposedly, news that Kellogg’s donated to George Soros and his many “communist” organization. Reaction to this “news” in comments on various RWEC sites is predictable – it’s being repeated so much that it’s being drilled into the RW psyche.

    So No, I’m not going to include a #hashtag that might attract the attention of these nutjobs in my tweet. And I’m crossing my fingers that the words “Froot Loops” in the title (which will be part of my tweet) isn’t detected by the crazies. I don’t want to have to deal with the tweetstorm directed at me that could result!

  1. 12 Dec 2016 at 11:38

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