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A reluctant ask for charity donations.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’ve been totally sucky about blogging recently. And I won’t promise more frequent posts as my days are currently fairly full with preparing for a community garage sale, preparing for a Woodworking CAD/CAM class by modeling a Murphy Bed/Desk combination that will start in my 2nd bedroom (and end up in my Tiny Home), and continuing behind the scenes political work towards making Tiny Homes on Wheels fully legal as a residence in my city and state.

But at the urging of my sister, I’ve signed up for a charity bike ride! The 2017 Sacramento Century Challenge. I’m riding more for exercise and the chance for a longer ride with my sister and cousin. Yet it IS a charity ride – that comes with a fundraising page.

The “reluctant” in the title of this post comes because there are lots of other charities I’d give my money to, but this circumstance allows an easy way to contribute to these specific charities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not down on these charities! I just prefer to give money that goes to MY local community needs – and I’d go broke if I gave to all worthy charities that come to my attention!

Thus I invite you to contribute to two Sacramento area charities who are the beneficiaries of the ride. Both are aimed at disadvantaged youth.

If this sort of charity isn’t your thing, then please donate something to your favorite charity!

Full disclosure: If I raise at least $195, I’ll convert my registration to a “Charity Fundraiser”. The fee I’ve paid ($55) will be converted to a donation – raising my charity total to $250 and earning me a free jersey.


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