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Merger of my blogs

11 Aug 2009 Leave a comment


Today I finally decided that my two blogs should merge – and the result is THIS blog.
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Administrative Stuff

23 Jul 2009 Leave a comment

First, I want to let everyone know why I moderate comments. However, I’ve said it before in my OTHER blog: New Business Paradigm – so I direct you to my post about moderating comments there: Why do I moderate comments?

Next, I also have some thoughts on anonymous comments, and while I’ve also covered them in my New Business Paradigm blog, my thoughts on anonymous comments as they relate to the topic of this blog are different in a subtle way, so I’m not going to point you to them. Here’s my thoughts:

There are many places in both the physical world and cyberspace where anonymity is a precious and valuable thing. However, in blog space, complete anonymity is a place to hide – a place to say anything without fear of repercussion. I view blogs as places to exchange information, and the ability to connect your comments with a particular online identity is valuable to me. If you only ever make a single comment, then complete anonymity is not a problem. However, if we end up conversing, or if you make more than 1 comment, even if I don’t reply, I find it valuable to know that the person who made comment A is the same person who made comments B and C. So…

I’m not going to block completely anonymous comments, but I’m going to be far less inclined to approve them as moderator. I want to converse with you, and if I don’t know who “you” is, then the conversation is dead in it’s tracks!

There are options for you that preserve the anonymity of your name, email address, where you live, or any other personally identifiable information: get a handle! If you post with a handle, then I know that you made comments A, B, C and G — and I know we’re having a conversation. If you choose not to publish any personal information with your handle, OK — your choice — we can still have a conversation.

That’s all for now!

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A quickie about anonymous comments.

28 Feb 2006 Leave a comment

While I understand the desire of people to remain anonymous and will continue to allow comments through from completely anonymous people as long as they meet my guidelines (see my post on the subject) and especially since I’ve chosen one level of anonymity for myself (for the time being), I’d like to appeal to people posting comments to get a handle. You can set it up in such a way that nobody knows who you really are, nor will they have access to your email address. Although I THINK they will be able to send you email THROUGH your handle, they won’t know your actual email address unless you reply directly to them.

Why do I ask this? As I’ve said, I’m looking to gather a core group of people. If the comments continue to be completely anonymous, then I can’t know who I might want to invite to join! So please protect your anonymity if you want, but do it through a handle so your comments don’t blend in with others!


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Why do I moderate comments?

24 Feb 2006 Leave a comment

It’s actually fairly simple. I despise quick, 1 line comments and personal attacks. I’m looking for thoughtful people who take the time to use language well to make a point, and who do so without impunging the honor of the person who they are commenting about.

I intend to let through ANY comment that is thoughtful, fairly well written, and doesn’t resort to bashing me or other people who comment. I’ll allow comments that disagree with me, even vehemently, as long as they follow commonly accepted rules of civility.

I’ll let comments range off topic, but if things seem to be getting out of hand, I reserve the right to move it into it’s own thread, or if I personally don’t have enough interest in the tangent, then to ask those that do to establish their own blog.

I’m only human. The above is not a guarantee. I may slip and allow something the above suggests I wouldn’t, or disallow something for reasons outside of what I’ve outlined above.

One final note for the record: Mispellings are my own, as is bad grammer. In these first 2 posts, I’ve used the drafting window provided by and I’m disappointed that there isn’t at least a spell checker!! Future posts will be composed offline where I have the tools I want, then uploaded!

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