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Another Grinch. And this one succeeded in stealing Christmas from me!

25 Dec 2016 Leave a comment

Y’all know I’m an Atheist. Christmas as a religious holiday means nothing to me. Since my family is away, I’m on my own today. Sleeping in, planning a couple of nice meals. You know, making the day a little bit special. So there I am, eating my Eggs Benedict (which I flubbed!) and in comes this email. It’s from NextDoor. Subject: Pets

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Various Matters

31 Jan 2014 3 comments


It’s 7:20 AM. I’ve got coffee by my hand, and a light breakfast (1/2 a grapefruit) in my belly. The sun has officially risen, but as I’m shadowed by the East Bay Hills to the East – and closer in, another building in my complex, I have yet to see it, but that will change soon. I’ll let you know when I first see the sun.

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My Mom is dying.

15 Oct 2012 4 comments

This post is mostly about me and my life, but the things I want to say are triggered by recent events in my Mother’s life. So I start with a brief synopsis of what’s happening with her, then I’ll move on to how and why it’s likely to cause major, as yet partially unknown, changes in my life.

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Open Letter to Pastor Tom Tate

28 Mar 2012 1 comment

Today, @AtheistUndrwrld tweeted a church sign picture that moved me. It didn’t make me smile, or curse, or drop my jaw in incredulity. It filled me with hope. I’m showing the picture before the break. Following the break is the letter I wrote to the pastor before starting this post. So, without further babble, here’s the picture:


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Wherein I reveal my Atheist God

28 Jan 2012 Leave a comment

Atheist God? What do you mean “Atheist God?”  Doesn’t being an atheist mean you don’t believe in ANY God?

Well….Yes. But being an atheist doesn’t mean that I can’t conceive of a god that I COULD believe in!

Revelation after the break.

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My Take on Android vs. iOs

09 Oct 2011 1 comment

I’ve been an Android user for 2+ years, and I’ve avoided iOs for a number of reasons (which I’ll detail later). However, I now own an iPad2. I won it in a Twittering contest at a professional conference I attended 2 weeks ago. Since I wasn’t present at the end of the conference when the winner was announced (Damn American Airlines for changing my flight!), I’ve only had it 6 days now since it showed up FedEx where I work this past Monday. What follows is my personal take :

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