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A reluctant ask for charity donations.

01 Jun 2017 Leave a comment

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’ve been totally sucky about blogging recently. And I won’t promise more frequent posts as my days are currently fairly full Read more…

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Another Grinch. And this one succeeded in stealing Christmas from me!

25 Dec 2016 Leave a comment

Y’all know I’m an Atheist. Christmas as a religious holiday means nothing to me. Since my family is away, I’m on my own today. Sleeping in, planning a couple of nice meals. You know, making the day a little bit special. So there I am, eating my Eggs Benedict (which I flubbed!) and in comes this email. It’s from NextDoor. Subject: Pets

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The Resistance should include proactive steps!

12 Dec 2016 Leave a comment

Freethought Blogs just started a new group blog: FREETHOUGHT RESISTANCE (They named it in all caps, I’m just passing on their representation! For brevity, I’ll refer to it as #FTBResist) The first I saw of this was from PZ Meyers. There are already a few posts to #FTBResist, and one in particular prompted this post. Here’s the critical excerpt:

The purpose of this blog is:

  1. To report on and document abuses and criminal activities of the right wing and theocratic zealots;
  2. To express our own opposition to these acts;
  3. To promote activism;
  4. To provide information about opportunities for activism;
  5. To provide an online rallying point for opposition to the illegitimate government of the United States.

I don’t think this goes far enough! We should also be thinking about steps we can take that proactively create solutions to the problems that are likely coming down the pike!

Read on for a few of my ideas …

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A new direction for my blog – and for me!

20 Nov 2014 6 comments


I’ll make this brief: I’m aiming my life towards acquiring (perhaps building) a tiny house and living in an intentional community (village) of tiny houses – which I’m also working to organize. I’ll fill in the backstory later.

Posts related to this direction of my life will be in the category “Tiny Living“. Some will focus on my own tiny house (with the additional category “My Tiny House“), some on the village (category: “It takes a Village“), and some will touch on both (with both categories.)

The rest of this post addresses a common question:

What, exactly, IS a “tiny house”?

Alas, definitions vary widely.

The most generic I’ve seen is: A tiny house is any house that is small enough that it elicits the reaction of “How can you live in something that small?” from people who have been acculturated to the assumption that bigger houses are better. By this standard, the “normal” sized houses prior to WWII would be considered tiny.

My generic definition: Any house that is small enough to force the occupants to focus less on “stuff”.

However, all definitions I’ve seen would include what is most frequently meant by a “tiny house” (at least in the circles I’m in): A VERY small house – somewhere around 200 sqft and frequently far smaller – built on a trailer that does NOT look like either an RV or a mobile home.

Another operational definition (that becomes important in future posts): Houses that are smaller than current codes/ordinances allow. How small is that? It depends on your particular location. Some cities disallow houses smaller than 1,000 sqft! Most have a minimum size of from 400-500 sqft, which under some definitions would qualify under the broader definitions of a tiny house.

OK, I’m about to watch President Obama’s immigration speech, so that’s all for now!

And feel free to comment!


What I couldn’t reveal until today!

31 Aug 2014 3 comments

This past Friday, I promised a “big reveal” of the specifics of what has been taking up so much of my thoughts for the immediate past – and caused me to spend so much time at the computer. This is it! …

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Sorry for the silence! Time to tell you what’s up with me – and there’s breaking news!

29 Aug 2014 8 comments

Where to begin?

OK. Bicycling. My cycling peaked in early July and has fallen off precipitously since then. At first, it was an intentional few days rest which I kept extending. Then my attention became focused on Tiny House issues – both one for me AND a place where I’ll live once I have one. Not a specific place, but I discovered others who are, to some degree or another, pursuing the dream of an intentional community of tiny house residents (and most likely owners). And this has, frankly, diverted me from regular cycling for exercise. Read more…

More detail on the community/business I’m brainstorming

01 Feb 2014 Leave a comment


Yesterday I included some ideas I’ve been thinking about regarding the community I’d like to create. Today I started to compose an email replying to a couple of questions that a family member asked in response to yesterday’s post. But it morphed into quite a bit MORE detail.

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