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Iced Tea Travails

15 Nov 2016 Leave a comment


With the bombardment of my inbox and RSS feed of all the commentary  lamentations on the election of The Donald, I decided that I needed to think about something completely different – if for nothing else, then for the mental break! And I found my topic: Iced Tea! Read more…

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A new direction for my blog – and for me!

20 Nov 2014 6 comments


I’ll make this brief: I’m aiming my life towards acquiring (perhaps building) a tiny house and living in an intentional community (village) of tiny houses – which I’m also working to organize. I’ll fill in the backstory later.

Posts related to this direction of my life will be in the category “Tiny Living“. Some will focus on my own tiny house (with the additional category “My Tiny House“), some on the village (category: “It takes a Village“), and some will touch on both (with both categories.)

The rest of this post addresses a common question:

What, exactly, IS a “tiny house”?

Alas, definitions vary widely.

The most generic I’ve seen is: A tiny house is any house that is small enough that it elicits the reaction of “How can you live in something that small?” from people who have been acculturated to the assumption that bigger houses are better. By this standard, the “normal” sized houses prior to WWII would be considered tiny.

My generic definition: Any house that is small enough to force the occupants to focus less on “stuff”.

However, all definitions I’ve seen would include what is most frequently meant by a “tiny house” (at least in the circles I’m in): A VERY small house – somewhere around 200 sqft and frequently far smaller – built on a trailer that does NOT look like either an RV or a mobile home.

Another operational definition (that becomes important in future posts): Houses that are smaller than current codes/ordinances allow. How small is that? It depends on your particular location. Some cities disallow houses smaller than 1,000 sqft! Most have a minimum size of from 400-500 sqft, which under some definitions would qualify under the broader definitions of a tiny house.

OK, I’m about to watch President Obama’s immigration speech, so that’s all for now!

And feel free to comment!