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Report on my California Primary voting experience today.

05 Jun 2018 1 comment

Nothing horrible (this time!), just a description of my lovely travel to/from the polls, followed by a bit of detail, which includes minor criticisms. Read on for more …

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Creeping ever onward towards a King

26 Apr 2018 Leave a comment

Arguing in front of the Supreme Court yesterday in the travel ban cases, the Solicitor General stated (emphasis not in original):

This proclamation is about what it says it’s about: foreign policy and national security

And … none of the SCOTUS justices questioned the Solicitor General’s word choice!

Read on for why I find this extremely troubling …

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The Resistance should include proactive steps!

12 Dec 2016 Leave a comment

Freethought Blogs just started a new group blog: FREETHOUGHT RESISTANCE (They named it in all caps, I’m just passing on their representation! For brevity, I’ll refer to it as #FTBResist) The first I saw of this was from PZ Meyers. There are already a few posts to #FTBResist, and one in particular prompted this post. Here’s the critical excerpt:

The purpose of this blog is:

  1. To report on and document abuses and criminal activities of the right wing and theocratic zealots;
  2. To express our own opposition to these acts;
  3. To promote activism;
  4. To provide information about opportunities for activism;
  5. To provide an online rallying point for opposition to the illegitimate government of the United States.

I don’t think this goes far enough! We should also be thinking about steps we can take that proactively create solutions to the problems that are likely coming down the pike!

Read on for a few of my ideas …

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How might we require Presidential candidates to make their tax returns public?

09 Dec 2016 3 comments

I’ve got an idea that may be constitutional. And it involves NO federal action, just state by state legislation. Read on for details …

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How Blue States Can Save Themselves

03 Dec 2016 8 comments

Actually, Red and Purple states could do this as well, although I doubt they will!

In the forthcoming Trump administration, combined with GOP majorities in both houses of Congress, it is reasonable to expect that we’ll be seeing massive tax cuts along with funding cuts to many services that support the lower ends of our income distribution curve. How can we counteract this locally?

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Froot Loops as a Political Statement

03 Dec 2016 2 comments

Ah! Froot Loops! One of my heretofore undisclosed guilty pleasures.

In my childhood, my parents restricted their kids to one sugary cereal serving per week. My choice was Froot Loops, usually eaten in front of the TV while watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Read more…

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Donate for Electoral Integrity NOW!

23 Nov 2016 Leave a comment

And, just perhaps, keep Trump out of the White House!

TL; DR: Jill Stein is raising money FAST to pay for recounts in MI, WI, and PA! And it needs to be fast – the filing deadline in WI is just over 42 hours away!

Please donate here – every little bit helps!

Well, my opinion of Jill Stein is raised. No, I still don’t think the Greens are ready for national office. But today, Jill Stein announced that she is leading a coalition that wants to force a recount in MI, WI and PA. It’s a long shot to stop Trump, but of equal (perhaps, in the long run, more) importance is that this appears to be an effort that will, for the first time, actually hand count a large number of votes!

Those of you who have followed Electoral Integrity issues here and elsewhere should just stop now and donate.

Still here? OK. Here’s the short version: ALL of the states don’t really count the vote – they tally it! And the tally is done, not by humans, but by e-voting machines and optical scanners that use software that no member of the public ever gets to see! So much for transparency.

Electoral Integrity advocates have long called for audits comparing hand to machine counts. A few have been done on a small (3%) sample, but there is also evidence that the selection of ballots to recount weren’t random.

Folks, I could go on … and on … and on  … and on about this, but I want to get this out FAST since there is a deadline.

If you want to know more, I urge you to visit The Brad Blog or Black Box Voting. But if you trust me at all when I say that this is a real chance to test the accuracy of the secret software – and that’s important for Democracy – then kick in a few bucks. Even $1 helps.

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