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Report on my California Primary voting experience today.

05 Jun 2018 1 comment

Nothing horrible (this time!), just a description of my lovely travel to/from the polls, followed by a bit of detail, which includes minor criticisms. Read on for more …

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My Ode to Google Voice

06 Apr 2013 Leave a comment

This reads like an amatuer ad for Google Voice. Wasn’t my intention, but had a tweep who could really use the service, so I did this originally as a Google Doc and shared it with him. She has since signed up — Yay!

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Stand Up and be Counted as a Rachel Maddow Listener!

26 Jun 2012 5 comments

Update Friday, June 29 – 4:30 PM Pacific

There are now 34 people on the list, plus 1 more who told me in a comment below that he emailed Jeff Timmer who hasn’t (yet) told me his Twitter handle, and I can’t add him to the list without it!

Original post written in a bit of haste, so I want to add this: MaddowBlog Post about Mr. Timmer which give a far better intro to why I’m organizing this subdued protest than I did below!

“Tens” means at least 20 (multiple tens), while “Scores” means at least 40 – and we’re almost there! So please, if you see this, email Mr. Timmer as described below, then let me know about it – on Twitter if you can! If you’re not on Twitter, then in a comment here is fine.

<<end June 29 update>>

On Rachel’s Monday, June 25 show, Rachel called out Jeff Timmer, Former Michigan “Public” servant. His transgression? The major one was not recusing himself from the decision to reject all the petitions circulated for the initiative to nullify Michigan’s Emergency Manager law. He had severe conflicts of interest. But that’s NOT why I’m posting this.

I’m posting this because he snidely referred to Rachel having “tens of viewers”! Which is patently ridiculous! So I say to you all: If you watch The Rachel Maddow Show, stand up and be counted!

How? Easy:

  1. EMAIL Jeff Timmer at his current email address: (his current employer)
  2. Tweet me that you did. Be sure to say you emailed Jeff. I’m @sjdorst in the Twitterverse

Once I receive your tweet, I’ll add you to my MaddowWatchersEmailedJeff

As I draft this, there are only 5 people. Why? I didn’t START this initiative until long AFTER the first airing of Rachel’s show yesterday, and I had major problems with the links I tried to generate.

Obviously, I’m hoping that we get into the “tens of tens” in the count – or it might (knock on wood) go viral and get into the “tens of tens of tens”! But I can only get there if you help! So:


Disclaimer: By following the above instructions, Mr. Timmer will end up with YOUR email address. Don’t send it to me! I have no need for it and don’t want it. Don’t want to give yours to Mr. Timmer? Most web based email providers (gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail, etc.) have some way to create an “alias” – just create an alias for this purpose, and this purpose only, and send your email with that alias. Then delete the alias. This is called a “throwaway” email address.

Question: Why do you insist I email Mr. Timmer?

Answer: That’s the “Stand Up” part of this. It’s also why I don’t simply count the number of people who tweet with the #Maddow hash tag.

Thanks in advance!


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Howto: Live Tweeting TV based on hash tag streams

16 Jun 2012 Leave a comment

Wherein I describe my personal setup for live tweeting, why I prefer it, and some pitfalls of other approaches. Details after the break…

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My Take on Android vs. iOs

09 Oct 2011 1 comment

I’ve been an Android user for 2+ years, and I’ve avoided iOs for a number of reasons (which I’ll detail later). However, I now own an iPad2. I won it in a Twittering contest at a professional conference I attended 2 weeks ago. Since I wasn’t present at the end of the conference when the winner was announced (Damn American Airlines for changing my flight!), I’ve only had it 6 days now since it showed up FedEx where I work this past Monday. What follows is my personal take :

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