LCD Dictionary

Definitions of LCD:

  • Liquid Crystal Display – but this isn’t political, so it doesn’t count in this list!
  1. Lowest Common Denominator
  2. Loudest Constituent Demand
  3. Largest Campaign Donor
  4. Losing Common Decency

Today, 20 September 2014, in a series of tweets commenting on political Insanity (see the embedded Storify below), I identified LCD pandering as one step in the road well intended politicians travel down as they get infected with the dread disease: Insane policy.

Ok, #4 one doesn’t really fit as the target of pandering, nonetheless, it does describe a common symptom of our failing (some would say “failed” – myself included) political system, so I’ll allow it.

Please help me expand this list! Suggestions welcome in comments or tweeted with #LCD tag AND @sjdorst.

Steve aka @sjdorst

Here’s the Storify:

<<still working on it. I’ve done the Storify – see it here – but having a hard time embedding it on this page!>>

<<abandoning trying to embed it. Apparently hasn’t “whitelisted” storify! I’ve tried a lot of work-arounds, but none have worked. I did find that if I upgrade to “WordPress VIP”, I could do it with an official embed code, but at $5,000/year – yes, your read that right – FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR! – I think I’ll pass for now!>>

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