My “Me” Wall

On Saturday, 14 APR 2012, I had the outrageous good fortune to have a cameo on national TV. Chris Hayes not only showed a tweet of mine on his show “Up with Chris Hayes” , but he said my name!

#HeadRush #CloudNine #AdrenalineSurge, MANY congrats from my followers, quickly followed by my promise to blog about it. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to toot my own horn on my blog.

Hmmmm. What to do? I promised something I now don’t want to do! Definitely a conundrum…delay…mumbling to self. Aha! I’ll create a PAGE on my blog site – NOT a post. People can see it only if they want to! And thus THIS page is born!

So here’s my few seconds of fame:

Frack! I can’t get WordPress to actually embed the embed object! So I’ll just say that, if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, find the “Clip and Share” link, click it, then you’ll be at a point where you can skip to about 14:40!

If you want to see the full segment, here it is on the Up With Chris Hayes show site. For more complete context, here’s the larger Twitter conversation between @60th_Street and myself. For even MORE complete context, see the segment a week earlier on Up with Chris Hayes that sparked the conversation with @60th_Street. Then go back farther to my March, 2011 Blog Post.

 The Aftermath:

Wow! Almost 20 new followers. Over 100 mentions now (a little over a day later) just with congratulations. Some of my oldest followers telling THEIR followers that I’m now a “Must Follow” Twitter Rock Star! And, to my slight shame, a tweet of mine, saying “Bingo” then RT of someone else’s thought gets retweeted 50+ times (which is all Twitter will tell you) while original tweet only retweeted 5 times before I ask my followers to attribute him, not me! Seems I now have influence. I hope it lasts!

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