My Tiny Home

Welcome to the first step in my sharing the process of detailed design and building of my Tiny House Home on Wheels. 2016 just started and, about 2 weeks ago, I finally started to do some serious, detailed work on the design.

It’s often frustrating – WAY too many details!! And when I think of something new, or something old I’d forgotten, I’m all “Squirrel! …Shiny!” and off I go at a tangent. But one thing is important to me is setting something up so that I can periodically share my progress with Y’all. So now I’ve finally dragged myself away from all the squirrels and shiny objects to bring you this page – the central launching point to various glimpses into my design process. Note that once I’m building, I’ll probably start another page specific to the build.

There will be a few different ways I present things, and for organizational sake, I have (or soon will) created sub-pages for each type as follows:

  • Videos
  • SketchUp Models you can download and view
  • Blog Posts from this blog relating to my Tiny Home

The REST of THIS page will be a change log of the information I add to the sub-pages, in reverse chronological order, so you can see the most recent stuff I’ve added!

One side note: Over many years, I’ve become frustrated with all sorts of different date formats on the web. Mostly because they don’t sort correctly if I’m dealing with them purely as text! So you should understand my own personal date format:


Year is 4 digits, month and day are 2 digits each, so August 1, 2010 would be expressed as: 2010.08.01


Date What Changed?
2016.01.03 Eve Created Stuff on Google page and added it to site navigation structure
2016.01.03 PM
  • Created TH Design Videos page
  • Added 1 playlist and 3 videos
  • Put this page and the TH Videos page into the navigation bar at the top of my blog
2016.01.03 AM The Beginning!!!


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