Stuff on Google

I’ve set up a publicly viewable folder in Google where I’m keeping other information – (hopefully) soon to be a LOT of other information – that just doesn’t lend itself well to presentation here (at least not with the skin I’ve chosen for this blog!)

First, here’s the link to the folder. I’d show a file/folder list here, but on free WordPress, I can’t get it to dynamically update, so I won’t show it here.

I’d like to point out two important things you’ll find in that folder:

First is the “Read Me Now” document. It explains in some detail why I’l letting everyone – even the general public – to comment on many of the documents. Worth reading if you aren’t familiar with Google document collaboration.

Second is the “Design Diary” This holds the meat of the textual documentation of my design process. It’s FAR too big to try and present here. And I wouldn’t even if I could because I WANT comments and discussions within the document. After the introductory stuff, stuff has been (and will be) changing all the time. FAR too often to alert through a blog post, much less through a tweet. I’ve made it public in case anyone is interested in thinking about nitty gritty details along with me.

There IS other stuff in the folder, but the above two are the most important!


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