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Sorry for the silence! Time to tell you what’s up with me – and there’s breaking news!

29 Aug 2014 8 comments

Where to begin?

OK. Bicycling. My cycling peaked in early July and has fallen off precipitously since then. At first, it was an intentional few days rest which I kept extending. Then my attention became focused on Tiny House issues – both one for me AND a place where I’ll live once I have one. Not a specific place, but I discovered others who are, to some degree or another, pursuing the dream of an intentional community of tiny house residents (and most likely owners). And this has, frankly, diverted me from regular cycling for exercise. Read more…


I’ve lost my faith in Obama. Here’s why.

12 Nov 2009 1 comment

I’ve been having a Twitter conversation with @sourceofthought (which you can see by clicking 2 links: Click Me First Then Click Me) which now causes me to want to delve deeper into this than is possible in a series of tweets, so here goes…

Read more…

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