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My Search for the Perfect Pizza – Episode 2

31 Oct 2009 1 comment

Wherein the author briefly mourns the loss of a kitchen tool, then celebrates the arrival of it’s replacement. The celebration isn’t the greatest – another formal try at Perfect Pizza – details included – with pictures!

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Lessons learned from a mercifully short excursion back into processed/industrial food

01 Oct 2009 1 comment

It’s now been about 4 months since I returned to cooking most meals for myself (as opposed to eating out) and a little over 6 weeks since I saw Food Inc. and changed my emphasis to non-processed, local and (where possible) organic food. This month, I had to abandon these temporarily during 2 short trips, and my experiences eating out shocked me!
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In Search of My Perfect Pizza

30 Sep 2009 2 comments

For over 20 years, my favorite pizza has been a very simple pizza: Pesto, Fresh Tomatoes, Cheese – no Tomato Sauce. An old friend of mine – actually a new friend at the time – introduced me to it in 1985 when we found ourselves co-occupants of a shared house. At the time, we got it to go from a place a little under a mile away. Alas, that restaurant closed, and thus my search began. I wanted (and still want) to recapture that fresh, simple taste. My search hasn’t ended, but today I came 1 big step closer…
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