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Drat! Jon Stewart misses the real story – TWICE – thus topping Keith Olbermann

15 Jun 2010 2 comments

I’m going to keep this one short – unlike the previous post about Dr. Paul – which was really a criticism of Keith Olbermann.

Jon today ridiculed South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee Greene  (I won’t say primary election winner – see below) without even mentioning what is emerging as the real story – the likely failure – complete and total – of the Direct Record Election (DRE) machines in South Carolina. Jon ALSO neglected to mentioned that the North Carolina congressmen – Democratic Rep.  Bob Etheridge – apologized for this actions grabbing a “student reporter” that is now immortalized on YouTube.

Brad Friedman of TheBradBlog has recently summarized his own and others research into the purported election of Greene to be the SC DEM Senate nominee. ALL signs are pointing to either massive tampering with, or complete failure of the voting machines as the ONLY explanation for  Greene’s win. Brad has been reporting – fact based reporting – on the problems with the mechanics of the way we cast and count our votes for years now – and he’s not the only one! Yet Jon mentioned NOTHING about this. Folks, I’ve become convinced that, in many jurisdictions, it’s quite simply impossible to show that ANY voter’s vote was reported correctly.

Subsequent to the wide spread of the videos of Rep. Etheridge, many news agencies have tried to find out who the “students” were who filmed it – and what “project” they were working on – to no avail. While the congressman’s actions are reprehensible – and likely criminal (assault and battery), I’m coming to doubt that the  the “student” will press charges – because the “student” would cease being anonymous! The Congressman’s question was quite legitimate: Who are you? It’s a reasonable question. If you’re a politician, in this day and age of “gotcha” journalism, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to know who you’re talking to! And Jon missed this one completely.

Frankly, it’s depressing to have 2 of my favorite news sources – and don’t doubt that the Daily Show is a news source – miss the mark as completely as Jon and Keith did today.