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Quickie voting report: California Primary June 5, 2012

07 Jun 2012 Leave a comment

Unfortunately, being shorthanded at work, I had to vote fast on my lunch hour, so I didn’t try to do anything special.

There were two problems I noticed, but didn’t have time to address either:

  1. The precinct workers were tearing off the ballot stubs – you know, the ones that say “This stub should remain attached and only removed by the voter after voting” – BEFORE handing me the ballot and separated stub!
  2. The ballot box/counting machine took 5 tries to “grab” my ballot and feed it through.

OK, there was a 3rd problem: While I didn’t look close, the single ballot marking machine was again on a non-adjustable table without the specified clear space.

There were no other voters there, so I didn’t observe any other ballots being fed into the machine, but the poll worker who came over after 2 failures said “It’s been doing that”.

I plan to take the full day off for the November general election. I’ll be stubborn and obstinate then.

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