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It’s easiest to just click on my YouTube Tiny Home Design playlist.  It will open in YouTube and is ordered in a sequence that, since I am trying to document a process, is roughly chronological, but I anticipate reordering it in order to structure it in the order I WISH I’d done things! The remainder of this page will have embedded each video that appears in the playlist, but in reverse chronological order so you can see the most recent at the top.

Still here? OK! Here we go!

This isn’t my video, but it shows the trailer I’ve settled on. Since trailer selection is one of the earliest big decisions you have to make, it’s worth watching!

The Best Tiny House Trailer:

Next up is a video that is mostly about how I plan to build my external walls. Since width is at an incredible premium for Tiny Homes on wheels, the thinner the exterior walls, the wider the interior!

My Tiny Wall Section:

First up is the first video I recorded. I WANTED to show only how I created a Murphy bed/desk combination including how it changes between functions, as the room it’s in seems overly large (for an office) in a tiny home, but before I started recording, I realized I should also show some context, …, …, and so the video morphed into an introductory walk through of the things I’ve decided. At least until I have another inspiration that causes a complete redesign!

My Tiny Home Design Progress as of 3 Jan 2016:

You’ve come to the end! Or the beginning! Remember, I’m organizing this page with direct links and embeds of the videos I add to the playlist linked way back up at the top of this page. And here, on this page, the videos are in REVERSE chronological order so that people following the page will see the newest stuff up top and NOT have to scroll WWWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down.

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